The Regency

Officially, the Regency era extends from 1811-1820, although you will find that Regency novels span anywhere from 1800 to 1830-ish. It was the period in time when King George III had been declared “mad” and therefore his son, the prince, took over. When the king is still alive, but his predecessor is forced to take over, he is called the Regent…thus, the Regency.

So, what is the appeal of the Regency? For me, I can’t imagine a more romantic period in time from the fashions to the music to the general attitude, it is just plain romantic. The Regency conjures images of candlelit ballrooms, elegant gowns, dashing gentlemen and passionate kisses in secluded gazebos in the rain. It is the period I used to dream about before I even knew it existed


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