Okay, so admittedly, I’ve only done one real submission and that was to Mills & Boone in London. And, admittedly, I should have read more of their books before wasting my time and money. I received a form letter back from them about a month (or 2) after submitting, saying “thanks, but you’re not right for us.” Duh! Obviously, I’ve learned my lesson and am a little more discriminating in my submissions…so much so that I haven’t done another one since (and that was about a year ago).

So, what have you been doing? you ask. Writing! When I submitted, I only had that one manuscript, now I have three, plus two chapters of the fourth. In addition, I’ve entered contests and sent out queries to Avon and also to an agent, neither of whom were interested based on my query letter. Of course, my queries and synopses have come a long way, so I think it’s time to start submitting again. And what about the contests? I’m not sure about them…I’ve entered 4 and gotten feedback on 3 (still waiting on the last one). While some of the feedback has been great, some of it wasn’t. I’m not so good at discerning which ones I should enter and which ones I should leave alone, so for now I think I’ll go back to submitting and leave all the contests alone.


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