June 30th

So, I semi-started my new writing schedule today. It wasn’t exactly how I want it because we had to interview someone for our company today, but I did sit my but in the chair for 2 full hours! I jumped up a few times (for more water and to see the end of What Not to Wear – I couldn’t miss the big reveal!!) but other than that I stayed put and was pretty focused. In future, I will do my 2 hours in the morning as that is when I’m a bit more focused and also when the light in the apartment isn’t yet blinding…that afternoon sun can be brutal, but I refuse to draw the blinds…we pay for that view!

Now, right now I’m simply (hah!) overhauling a WIP, not really writing. When I do start book 4 in earnest, I will probably up my writing time to 4 hours/day. Two is all I can take of revisions!


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