Get back here, Muse! I’m not finished with you yet!

So, I’ve been on quite a roll with my latest WIP, writing like the wind, and in less than two weeks, I’ve already passed the 40,000 word mark. It’s kind of my own NaNoWriMo (is that how you spell that?), and it’s been great! Though at times it’s been hard to get my butt in the seat and just write, I find that the more I do write, the more I’m motivated to keep writing. It’s that whole “Like attracts like” concept…the more you do something, the easier it becomes to keep doing it. This is the case in everything, I find…well, almost everything. I’m guessing things like root canals are exempt! But it’s certainly the case with exercise, and at the risk of TMI, umm, sex! 

Unfortunately, all these things, exercise, sex and writing depend on one other factor, and in the case of writing, it’s The Muse! Not having your muse, IMO, is like breaking your leg when you’ve just gotten into the swing of your daily workouts. Or like having your husband go out of town when you’re on a roll in the bedroom. Sure, there are ways around these things – work out your arms and abs, or turn to your vibrating friend – but we all know it’s just not the same. 

However, sometimes you just don’t have a choice! As writers, we find (or will find) ourselves on deadlines, and I’m guessing editors don’t want to hear “I’m sooooorry…I just can’t work without my muse!!” So, we just have to muscle through it, use the proverbial vibrator, as it were. 

So, what do you do to get you through the rough phases of writing? Do you wait for your muse to come back? Or do you push through and hope she (or he) comes back in time to at least give you a stellar ending?


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