Do you ever think you’re awesome?

Or, I guess I should say, do you ever think what you wrote is awesome? Have you ever gone back and read something you wrote after letting it sit for a while and thought “Wow! I’m good!”? In a business where it’s one of the many hats we wear to be extremely critical of our work, these moments don’t come that often. It can always be better, right?

However, as I read back over my prologue for my second book the other day (which originally did not have said prologue, but which changed the whole course of my heroine’s journey), I had one of those “Wow! I’m good!” moments. One of those “Did I really write that?” moments that are so rare.

So, now it’s your turn. Are you so overly critical of yourself that you never truly get to enjoy your work? Or, from time to time, do you sit back and say “Wow! Look what I did!!”? And if you have a favorite line from one of your own works, I’d love to hear (see) it!


3 thoughts on “Do you ever think you’re awesome?

  1. nisha says:

    I have to really be removed from my writing to enjoy it. I haven’t looked at an MS that I wrote for atleast two years. I had a “wow I’m good” moment when I read the first kiss. It was really awesome because I felt accomplished in that moment. 🙂


  2. princessjewel78 says:

    I totally agree that removal for a period of time is necessary. A couple months at least! I’m glad to hear you had a moment, though! It’s fun, huh?!? 🙂

  3. Amy D says:

    I also have to be removed from it because I am very critical of my work. But, I recently began editing something I finished months ago and toward the end I had tears in my eyes. I know this story, I wrote the thing, yet this particular section made me cry. I just hope future readers have the same reaction.

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