Preparing for RWA Nationals!

Okay, the countdown has begun…only 71 hours until hubby and I head for JFK to fly to DC and I’m starting to feel the pressure. I am not prepared in the slightest! Clothing options have not been laid out, I haven’t even made a list of loose ends that need to be tied up before we go and the house is a mess!! The only thing I have done is make out the check for the cat sitter!

Is anyone else freaking out at this point? Or are you the uber-organized type? And is there anything you would be devastated to accidentally leave behind?

So, off I go to make my list…wish me luck! And keep an eye out next week – I’ll be blogging daily about the conference!


20 thoughts on “Preparing for RWA Nationals!

  1. Gail says:

    Great Blog! You’re making me jealous since I’m not going. I’m counting on you to give us the play-by-play while you’re there.

  2. Sarah Tormey says:

    I’m trying my best to prepare, to read though everything, to print all the papers I think I’ll need, but having never attending as an aspiring author, the more I try to “prepare” the more nervous I become!! Glad to know I’m not the only one!

  3. princessjewel78 says:

    I will, Gail! Though I’m still sad you won’t be there! Just make sure to plan on Nashville next year!! 🙂

  4. princessjewel78 says:

    Sarah, you’re so not the only one! LOL! Although, since I won’t be pitching, that relieves a lot of stress for me. I pitched at NJRW last year and it was all I could think about for weeks…by the time I got to my appointment I was a freak of nervous energy! LOL!

    Where are you staying, by the way? We’ll be at the Omni! 🙂

  5. Jolie Brandt says:

    I’ll have 2 days to prepare. I’ve been trying to get my eleven year old off on his trip. He leaves today and I leave for DC on Tuesday morning.

    But 2 days is enough time to get it all sorted out, right? 🙂

    Tomorrow I’ll start sorting everything out and begin packing. Can’t wait to see everyone. We are going to have so much fun!

  6. princessjewel78 says:

    I assume you’re an expert packer, Jolie, with as much as you travel…I’m sure you’ll have it sorted out in time 🙂

  7. Diane Farr says:

    First and foremost, I have to know WHERE is that spectacular location pictured at the top of your blog?!

    Have you been to the national conference before? I’m just full of advice, if you haven’t.

  8. Kwana says:

    I’m so sad not to be going this year. Relax and focus on having fun. Enjoy!

  9. princessjewel78 says:

    Diane, I have no idea where that is – it’s part of the WordPress template! But gorgeous, huh?? I would guess England or Wales, but really I have no idea. LOL!

    I haven’t been to Nationals before, but my crit partners have and I’ve vowed to stay glued to them the whole time! LOL! But any more tips and advice would be great 🙂

    Thank you, Kwana – I hope you’ll get to do Nashville next year!

  10. Amy DeTrempe says:

    I haven’t even begun to prepare. I’ve thought about it a lot though. I will be last minute and put it all together on Monday. I fly on Tuesday.

  11. princessjewel78 says:

    Jeez! Good for you, Amy! I wish I could do that, but I’m a little too neurotic. Plus I have to help Eric pack, which is almost like having a child. LOL!

  12. Tanya says:

    Going through the same harried checklist.


  13. Shara says:

    Diane, if you don’t mind sharing all that advice, I’d be very grateful.

    This is my first time attending any type of writing conference and since I decided to attend just last week I haven’t had to read/prep on anything! So anyone’s who’ve attended before and has advice, tips, etc please let me know!

    Feel free to email me if that’s best: Thx!

  14. Heather Boyd says:

    I am so far beyond nervous that I probably shouldnt be thinking about it. I’ve rechecked the carryon bag – I may need a drink to get to sleep tonight and the next few nights. LOL

  15. princessjewel78 says:

    Heather, you poor thing! What are you so nervous about???

  16. Melina says:

    Hi There,

    I’m not one of those organized types you mentioned. At all. I’m SO not ready. I’m moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn on Tuesday (talk about insane) and am not prepared for the move or RWA at all.

    But I know that once we get there it’s going to be so much fun. I went last year in S.F. and had a blast. I’m nervous about this year, but not as much as last year.

    I’m with Heather on the needing a drink. But Heather, it’s all going to be okay. I promise! 🙂

  17. princessjewel78 says:

    Oh, my goodness, Melina! I can’t believe you’re moving on Tuesday!! I’m sending you all the good packing/moving vibes I have – I truly hope all runs smoothly! And, you’re right, it’s going to be an amazing amount of fun once you get there!

  18. Melina says:

    Thanks for the vibes! 🙂 Have a safe trip to DC!

  19. Louise says:

    Oh my god, I am so glad to see so many of you going. I am going too and will hopefully be able to blog about it. I leave Manhattan 7am Wednesday night and we are taking the BOLT bus down. Should be fun. I cant wait.
    It is my first time, I am Super Duper nervous. My husband ( is going to be with me, but he is going to do the tourist thing while I pant over authors and study up in workshops. Luckily, he will be attending Saturdays dinner with me. We are staying at the Marriott and anyone, everyone, someone!..please call me while you guys are there. Maybe we can do a mini RWA/NYC meetup in the bar! Oohhh I am going to suggest that to the group. email me at—it goes straight to my phone and I am going to be tweeting about it the whole time. my twitter account is louisefury. Anyone else on twitter?

  20. princessjewel78 says:

    Hey Louise! Don’t be nervous – a lot of us are Nationals virgins! LOL! My hubby is coming too, but since we’ve done DC several times, he’s just going to hang at the hotel (Omni) and have meals with me (we always get him the meal ticket :)) I’ll email you so we can meet up at some point!

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