RWA Nationals: Day 2!

Eric and I made the short walk to the National Zoo to see the pandas on Wednesday and they did NOT disappoint! Mei Xiang and Tai Shan were out and about, posing for the hundreds of pictures we snapped!

After that, we decided it was just too hot to do anything but sit by the pool. The Omni has a lovely, resort-style pool, with lots of fun, fru-fru drinks, including non-alcoholic varieties. Eric, however, enjoyed the Obama Mama…wish I could tell you what it tasted like!

After a mad-rush to get ready, we scuttled on over to the Marriott for the Literacy Signing. It was utter mayhem, but we had the opportunity to meet some of our favorite authors! Colleen Gleason jumped from her seat and hugged us both when she recognized us from Facebook…we’ve been deemed her “biggest couple fan” ☺ We also had the privilege of meeting Jenna Peterson (another Facebook friend!) and Sabrina Jeffries. And of course we stopped by to say hi to our favorite local author friends, Lauren Willig and Maya Rodale.

Once we made our way out of the madness, it was on to the Beau Monde soiree, where we enjoyed Regency dance demonstrations, desserts and coffee and an array of homemade Regency costumes. By the end of the evening, the group of us migrated to Harry’s Pub, where we laughed the night away…it was 1am before my head hit the pillow, but it was a great day!

I’ll be back later to tell you all about Janet Evanovich and Linda Howard!


One thought on “RWA Nationals: Day 2!

  1. denise says:

    wow, sounds like a wonderful day… whew…
    it’s all soooo exciting… Blessings ….

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