RWA Nationals: Day 3!

So, day 3 of Nationals was Thursday, so clearly I’m a little behind….and actually, that was the official first day of the conference! It started off with a BANG at the opening session where Janet Evanovich was the speaker. Now, admittedly, I’ve never read her, but I will now. What an amazing woman! She was given a stack of index cards with questions on them, all of which she had to answer as her speech. She had us rolling on the floor one minute and teary-eyed the next. The thing that really got me is how her son and daughter are so involved in her career – one is her agent, the other her manager, and they still all have dinner together, along with her husband, several times a week. That’s not a scenario you hear about very often these days, and it got me a little choked up  🙂

Linda Howard was the keynote speaker at the luncheon later on and while she didn’t evoke any tears, she certainly had us all rolling on the floor. “The keeper of the nuts” is what she calls herself, the nuts being the members of her family, of course. And her final message to us all: When the nuts start to fall, take cover. LOL!

I followed the luncheon with the PRO Retreat where Madelaine Hunter gave a great session on Surviving the Almost There. She gave great strategies and warned of the pitfalls for those writers who are close, but haven’t yet gotten the contract. A very helpful session!

The final session of my day was How to Live in Another Century or Just Write Like You Do with my personal idol, Lauren Willig. Her witty way of presenting the topic of historical research was both entertaining and informative and, as always, I learned so much from her!

I would love to tell you how we finished the night off, but honestly, I can’t remember now. LOL! I think that may have been the night we just sat by the pool and ordered pizza, but who knows! The days are running together at this point. And like those who came before me, my biggest piece of advice to Nationals attendees is pace yourself!


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