Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia

So, let me just start by saying how much I ADORED this film! It was so fun and so well done, I can’t imagine anyone NOT liking it (although, there was a group of bitter women in the theater who seemed to find issue with this near-perfect movie.) The cast is absolutely brilliant, and Nora Ephron brings that same sense of Happily Ever After to this film that she’s done with so many others.

But if you think Julie & Julia is about cooking, well, take a closer look…

I was so excited when I realized that this movie was more about two women’s journeys towards publication! Julia Child spent years working on her first cookbook, only to have it rejected by a big-time publisher who told her, basically, that she didn’t follow “the rules” of cookbook writing.

Fast forward 50 years or so, and you have Julie Powell, an almost 30-year-old woman at a dead end job who longs to be a writer, but has only ever written half a novel. Obviously, we all know the outcome of her story 😉

I have to say, on many levels, I related to both of these women, and it was reassuring to see them going through what I, and everyone else in this profession, are going or have gone through!

And then, beyond their journeys of publication was a strong theme of undying, unconditional love. I found myself choked up many times as I watched the men in these women’s lives offer their support. There was a scene in particular between Julia and her husband (played brilliantly by Stanley Tucci) when she’s just recieved her first rejection. “They hate it!” Julia says over and over as she lounges, dejected, on the sofa. And then Paul gives her a pep talk I’ve heard many times from my own husband when I’ve been in the same situation…I don’t have the exact transcript, but it’s something along the lines of “You’re the best, you’re unique, they’re idiots, etc…” I’m so not doing it justice, but rest assured, it brought tears to my eyes.

And it was Julie’s husband who, when she bemoaned that her life was lacking, suggested that she start a blog. Though they hit a couple of speedbumps along the way, there’s a definite happy ending for them.

So, I’m curious about you now. Is your hubby/significant other supportive of you and your chosen profession? Has he/she ever had to give you “the pep talk” after a rejection or meltdown? And if you’ve seen Julie & Julia, I’d love to know what you thought of the movie!


17 thoughts on “Julie & Julia

  1. Great post — and I can’t wait to see the movie! My mom was a relatively adventurous cook, so when I was a kid we used to watch Julia Child on TV. I can still imitate her voice.

    My husband is immensely supportive of my writing career (and of my acting career as well). He doesn’t miss a performance, and he always carries my promo bookmarks with him and tells everyone he meets about my books. In fact, even though times have gotten a lot leaner lately, he insists that I shouldn’t even think about re-entering the survival job workforce, but should just stay at my computer “and tell wonderful stories.” Having spent years in horrible day jobs, believe me, THAT’s love!!

  2. Oh, Leslie, that’s great! I love to hear about supportive hubbies! And having spent years myself at horrible day jobs, I ABSOLUTELY believe you! That is definitely love!

  3. My man isn’t supportive in the “you’re a great writer”, come out to readings kind of way. He’s never read a word of anything I’ve written, he’s probably never even visited my website. However, he does make sure I have all the time I need for writing and for my other after-work business, and I can count on him to bring the subject up while out with others or whatever. This works for both of us, because since he’s not a reader we both know he wouldn’t know a great writer, and I don’t have to worry about anything I might write being embarrassing to him.

  4. Jennifer, that’s great that he makes sure you have the time you need to write! Support is support is support, and though he may not read your work, he at least acknowledges that it’s important to you. That’s wonderful!

  5. Amy DeTrempe says:

    I have not seen the movie yet. But, I can say that my husband has alwasy been supportive of my writing to giving me time to write and helping me carve out a place in the house where I can work.

  6. Sounds like one I absolutely have to see. I hate crowds so don’t go to theatres very often, will probably get the DVD. And yes, my husbands is as supportive as any one man can be. He also catches a lot my typos, god bless him.

  7. Amy, that’s so sweet of your hubby to help you find a nice writing space in the house. I know you probably need a quiet place with three kids!

  8. However you see it, Jean, it’s definitely a must see! And I’m so glad to hear about another supportive hubby! 🙂

  9. I’m definitely going to have to see this movie. Maybe for my birthday! (That’s how I convinced my dh to take me to see Momma Mia! and we both exited the theater smiling and singing. Gotta love Meryl Streep.)

    My sweetheart is my biggest fan, biggest cheerleader, and biggest PITA in the way only a hubby can be. Also for last year’s birthday, he bought me a new desk and bookshelves for my office. He beleives in me when I can’t anymore so I have to see that rejection scene.

  10. Kwana says:

    Great post. I can’t wait to see the movie but first I’m reading the book. We’ve made it our next book club selection.

    I’m very happy my Dh had been so supportive during these very long writing years. Especially when I’ve wanted to give up.

  11. Yay! Two more supportive hubbies! 🙂

    Pat, I’m sure the rejection scene will hit home for you and many others…it’s so sweeeeet!

    Kwana, you have to let me know how the book is!

  12. Tanya says:

    In Florida until Tuesday. What a delight it was sitting in an air conditioned theater watching Julie & Julia. I grew up watching Julia Child on TV. Though I didn’t cook as a child, I sure enjoyed watching her! Excellent movie. The theater was packed for the 1 p.m. showing.

  13. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Tanya, and that the theater was packed! Yay! I just can’t get over it – I loved it so very much! 🙂

  14. michelle rooney says:

    Really great post. Sounds like an inspirational movie. My husband has been supportive, but we’ve had to negotiate as well, finding a balance between pursuing careers and nourishing our relationship. That can be said for any relationship and career though.

    I appreciate that he plots with me, accompanied me to RWA in DC and supports me decreasing my hours at work this coming fall to have more time for writing. I guess he’s a keeper.

  15. Michelle, you’ll definitely relate to the Julie storyline for sure! Balancing real life with fictional and even online life can be tricky, but I would say your hubby is definitely a keeper 🙂

  16. Lise says:

    As to the first part of your question – I haven’t got a spouse or significant other, BUT as far as the movie – it was superb. Amazing the way movies that are “small” (not hugely melodramatic, or centered on earth-shattering issues), about simple people with ordinary dreams and desires, can be made so monumental by sheer combination of artistry and talent. While I did love the cooking journeys of Julie and Julia, and the great background of their lives, what truly reached me, and inspired me was the simple message – that these 2 women wanted to fill their lives with passion. In their cases it was cooking and writing. We all need to find our passion and embrace it. Even when it is hard or takes a long time. Whether we live on the litter-strewn streets of NYC or amid the inspiration of Paris.

  17. Lise, I love that you loved it too! And I so agree – we all must find and embrace our passion, no matter where we are or what our circumstance. It is what makes a person truly feel alive! 🙂

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