The Princess & the Frog

Last night, hubby and I went on an impromptu date to see the new Disney animated film, The Princess and the Frog. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, and as much of a Disney fan as I am, I wasn’t sure I would even like it. I was excited, but cautiously so. However, the caution was completely unnecessary.

From the opening scene, I was hooked! And if it weren’t for the unbearable heat in the movie theater, I wouldn’t have wanted the movie to end! The color palette that was used in the film was magical! It evoked all the whimsy and beauty of an enchanted fairy tale. Simply breathtaking! And I loved the unique New Orleans spin they put on this timeless story.

But what I found the most fascinating was how this was a textbook example of romance! The frog/prince is a spoiled rich boy who wants nothing more from life than to date pretty women and party all the time, but who has been cut off from the royal riches by his parents. So of course, he’s looking for a rich bride. Ha! A penniless royal looking for an advantageous match! As I watched, I couldn’t help but see him, even as a frog, as the heroes from most of the Regency novels I read (and write.)

Then, of course, you have the strong-willed and impoverished heroine with big dreams who, even though on paper she’s all wrong for the prince, makes him fall in love with her nonetheless.

What was truly fascinating was watching all this take place between two frogs! Talk about unconventional heroes and heroines! Throw them in with a cast of brilliant secondary characters and you have a perfect romance.

In conclusion: GO SEE THIS FILM! You will love it, your kids will love it. And especially if you’re a

romance author, you’ll have a great time drawing those correlations between the frogs and the heroes and heroines we all love to read and write about.

And if you’ve already seen the movie, I’d love to know what you thought!

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18 thoughts on “The Princess & the Frog

  1. Lydia Dare says:

    Oh, I loved it too, Jerrica. I wasn’t certain my 12 year old son would want to go, but as it was a rainy weekened – it was actually his idea.

    I too wasn’t sure how I would like it with New Orleans as a backdrop, though I love the Crescent City myself. It didn’t seem very Disneyish. (Is that a word?)

    But it was amazing. Loved it from start to finish. And I loved that the spoiled, rich girl had a heart of gold too. So often you see that cookie-cutter character who is bad to the core. But Charlotte was a sweetheart even though she was a self-indulgent spoiled brat. I adore complex characters.

  2. Lisbeth Eng says:

    I hadn’t planned on seeing this movie but I may reconsider. It sounds like fun! I have a volume of the original Brothers Grimm fairy tales and read “The Frog Prince” not too long ago. The princess in the original version is a bit of a spoiled brat but they do live happily ever after. And it’s not as “grimm” as some of their other tales.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I too saw the correlation with our romantic heroes. The heroine who feels she is not good enough, the flawed hero…I went with my 3yr old grandaughter and a host of other adults. I had a backup plan to go across the hall to New Moon if I got bored…Nope I was hooked!

  4. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s on my list to see. I’m glad to know you loved it so much, because now I REALLY want to see it!


  5. Hmm…I’m a HUGE Disney fan, but I honestly haven’t been too excited about seeing this one, from the previews. I may have to change my mind and go see it.

    Too bad my nephew isn’t quite old enough to be able to sit through a whole movie. I’d love to take him.

  6. You should definitely see it, Catherine! Let me know when you do…I’d love to hear what you think 🙂

  7. I really think you’ll love it, Phyllis!

  8. As much of a Twihard as I am, I think I’d see The Princess and the Frog a second time before seeing New Moon a second time. I was hooked, too 🙂

  9. Let me know if you see it, Lis! I’d love to know what you think!

    P.S. Have you ever seen The Brother’s Grimm with Matt Damon and Heath Ledger. I love that movie!

  10. I was worried about the New Orleans spin as well, but ended up loving it! And Charlotte…I just adore her!

  11. Beth C. says:

    I hadn’t decided about this film. As I watched the previews, I wasn’t impressed. While I love Beauty and the Beast, I’ve never been a fan of the Frog Prince. I may see if the kids will go watch it with me.

  12. Beth, I felt the same way, but I was curious enough to go. It’s definitely a return to the early 90s films like Beauty & the Beast and The Little Mermaid. And they’ve put such a fun spin on the story, it’s not your traditional Frog Prince.

    Something else funny that both hubby and I observed was that there were about 4-5 single, middle-aged men in the theater…alone! No kids, no wives, not even friends. Just themselves, watching a romantic cartoon. So don’t feel bad about going alone if the kids don’t want to go with 🙂

  13. Maria says:

    My niece and nephews are coming for Christmas and I am taking them to see it. I love Disney films. Can’t wait. Glad to hear it is going to be good.

  14. You’ll love it, Maria! 🙂

  15. Samantha Grace says:

    It sounds great, Jerrica. I can’t wait to take my daughter now.

  16. Mary McCall says:

    Thanks, Jerrica! Now I have to go see this movie. I hadn’t seen much of interest to me until the Sherlock adds started coming out, but this sounds like one I’d enjoy.

  17. Oh, you’ll both love it, Samantha! Have a great time!

  18. Oh, I can’t wait for Sherlock, either, Mary! Hope you enjoy Princess and the Frog!

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