The Special K Challenge: Update

So I hate posting updates like this because I know there will be a ton of people ready to say “I told you so!” But in all honesty…they did tell me so! LOL!

I started last Monday, May 10th, and I started out pretty strong. I hadn’t been feeling well the day before (thanks to way too much caffeine at Mother’s Day brunch), so my appetite wasn’t that strong on Monday. I had the recommended cereal for breakfast, a snack bar mid-morning, then we met friends for lunch in the city. This was my real meal for the day, and it carried me nicely into the evening. That night I had cereal with some blueberries and almonds.

The real challenge started on Tuesday, and so did the real hunger!!! It seemed that every time I ate one of the Special K items (and I had bought a TON of them), I would get hungrier (I’m pretty sure the melange of chemicals they use are to blame for that phenomenon). But I was determined that I just needed to go through this adjustment phase for a couple days and then I’d get used to it.

Hah! By Friday, even though I had cheated quite a bit, I still felt totally off kilter. I was hungry and irritable. My issue with anxiety reared its ugly head (something I haven’t dealt with in well over a year and a half), and I was simply not feeling like myself.

So I gave it up. Saturday afternoon, Eric and I went to Chili’s and I stuffed my face with chips & salsa, ribs, and loaded mashed potatoes. Food had never tasted so good.

Once I got my energy back, I decided it was a better idea to cut back a little on my portions and step up my workouts. Eric and I made an awesome playlist, 45 minutes long, and then we hit the cycling studio. Yes, I know what you’re thinking…I hate cycling. But it turns out, I don’t. I just hate crowded classes with mean instructors and music that I don’t always enjoy. With my own playlist and my hubby directing us in a fun routine, I loved it!

And the best news of all, I’ve started dropping the weight, no thanks to Special K. My weight actually went up last week, but I’m down a pound and a half today!! Yay! And I’m happy and healthy…isn’t that what really matters?


4 thoughts on “The Special K Challenge: Update

  1. Heather Boyd says:

    I wont tease you. But I’m glad you found a better way than dieting. More exercise and smaller portions are a sensible idea and let you enjoy food. If you’re out – perhaps order entree size, share with Eric or simply don’t finish meals.

    I’d love to tell you my progress but I just ran off to the bathroom and my scales gave me three different weights. Think they might need replacing! LOL

  2. Heather, I think it’s time for a new scale!! How can we chart our progress together otherwise? LOL!

    And yeah, I’m feeling MUCH better now! When will I learn? I’ve always loved the idea of fad diets, and I’ve done pretty much all of them with little success. LOL!

  3. I haven’t actually done any weighing or tracking of anything yet. But I have been trying to eat smaller portions. I think I’ve lost weight, because my pants feel a little looser. LOL. That’s always a good indicator. Right now, most of my meals are being shared with my nephew, who has become quite the habitual eater. He likes very particular foods. And he likes them a lot. It’s easier for me to cook one meal for the two of us and share it, so I’m eating a lot of the things he likes–which aren’t necessarily the best things for me to eat. Oh well. It’s only temporary. At least he likes most fruits and vegetables.

    I’m glad you’re off the Special K diet. I’ve never tried it, but it just doesn’t seem like you’d be getting the right amounts of different types of foods, if so many of your calories are spent on carbs.

  4. That’s great that your pants are fitting more loosely, Catherine! That’s a great sign!

    Ya know, I think the Special K diet would be okay if the cereals and bars didn’t have so many chemicals in them. I actually ate WAY more fruits and veggies than I usually do because that’s what they encourage for snacks if you’re still hungry. However, when I got sick of those, I turned to anything I could get my hands on. LOL!

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