Beauty is only skin deep…

Since I was a very little girl, I have always valued the art of grooming. I’ve always taken great pride in looking good. As a child, I would put on elaborate dress-up clothes and 8 layers of mascara and then head to the grocery store with my mom. When my friends would come over – friends who played outside and got dirty like normal children – I would insist that they sit in my “beauty parlor” all day while I brushed the knots out of their hair. When I was in first grade, my 4th-grader boyfriend (Yes, I dated an older man!) had a birthday party, and I showed up in a pink, frilly party dress, only to find everyone else was in shorts and t-shirts. Did I care? Of course not! It’s better to be over dressed than under dressed, right?

As the years wore on, I found myself in jobs that allowed me to play with cosmetics and do makeovers on people. Mary Kay, Avon, Origins, L’Occitane…they all provided opportunities for me to get discounts on grooming materials for myself, and to help others achieve their best look.

However, as aesthetically-obsessed as I am, I very much understand that beauty is truly only skin deep. One of my favorite movies is “Shallow Hal,” starring Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow. In the movie, Jack has a spell cast over him, so he can only see people as they are reflected by their true spirit. It isn’t until the end that we realize the Gwyneth Paltrow character is 500 lbs, for Jack could only see her as the beautiful person she truly was inside. If you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest you do. It’s great fun!

So, to prove to you, dear readers, that I am more than just a pretty face (ha!), I’ve decided to treat you with one of my favorite pictures of myself. This was taken in a Starbuck’s bathroom at 6am after spending the night outside of Target waiting for the xBox 360 to go on sale (oh, the things I do for my husband!)…

So there you have it…Scary Jerr! And just because a little vanity may lurk somewhere deep inside of me, here’s a picture of what I usually look like 🙂

Hopefully, even if you saw me looking like the first picture, you would still see me as I look in the second picture…probably not, but I can hope, can’t I?


15 thoughts on “Beauty is only skin deep…

  1. Lydia Dare says:

    You are brave, indeed, to post that picture, Jerrica!

  2. Erin Kelly says:

    Ahhahahahahah!!! That. Is. AWESOME! Glad I’m not the only one with less than glamorous moments – lol. Great post, Jerrica, thanks for sharing. *snickering*

  3. LOL, I swear the photo that I have up on the ‘net of myself is a fluke. I typically look a lot more like photo A than photo B up there. Very brave of you to post something like that!

  4. LOL, Lydia…I’ll take that as a…compliment?? Haha!

    Oh, I have so many less than glamorous moments, Erin, but this was definitely one of the worst. I remember being in the bathroom and thinking “I HAVE to capture this!”

  5. Catherine, I’m guessing most of us look more like photo A than B on a regular basis. As I sit here in bed at 10am, un-showered and sick, I KNOW I look more like photo A right now. LOL!

  6. Hi Jerrica,
    What a great post. I am actually doing a beauty blog ( I try different anti-aging options and post the before and after photos. On April 30, 2010 I blogged about a meeting that I had with Giselle Bundchen, the iconic supermodel– that taught me about real and and unreal beauty standrds. Think you might find it interesting. Loved your book and looking forward to the next one, Deb Chase

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by, Deb! I just commented on your Giselle post and subscribed to your site! It’s fantastic!

    So glad you enjoyed the book, too! 🙂

  8. Mary Lamb says:

    Ha! But I am sad to say your “before” picture is what I look like every day! LOL! I’ve tried to pay more attention to my appearance, really I have -but it just doesn’t take. Serioulsy I admire anyone who has the fashion touch.

  9. Marie Higgins says:

    Jerrica, I got to know you first over email before I ever seen a picture of you. So no matter what picture you show me…I will ALWAYS think you are a beautiful woman because you have such a beautiful, loving heart. And yeah, I did see that movie and loved it.


  10. Mari, I’ve seen you in person and that is NOT what you look like! Trust me! You’re lovely 🙂

    Marie, you’re so sweet 🙂 Thank you!

  11. Kwana says:

    I love this. So brave of you and I too did the Target camp out a few years ago for my son. We’re crazy.

  12. LOL! You’re such a good mom, Kwana. I told my hubby we’re not doing anymore of those…I’m wrecked for a week afterwards! He can do them with the kids once they’re grown 🙂

  13. Ha! Even at your worst you’re still a princess – *sticks finger down throat and gags!* LOL. I’m a jogging pants, t shirt kinda gal anyway. I don’t wear dresses, maybe slacks once in a while but rarely. Kids have a way of doing this to someone lol. You’re still too cute. Great post and I love my xbox 360! You’re so sweet to do that for hubby. I had to pay full price darn it!

  14. Hahahaha! You’re so funny, Melissa 🙂 Sorry to make you gag! LOL! Ya know, I actually rarely wear dresses…mainly because I hate wearing heels. I love comfy clothes and tennis shoes, too, but as long as my hair and makeup are flattering, that’s what I care about most 🙂

  15. I am late in seeing this post. Love the pics – both of them.

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