From reader to author…

So, this is going to be short because I’m under the gun in terms of getting my current manuscript written, but I had an interesting sort of epiphany today…

I was in the drug store and, as I always do, I stopped at the book display (even though I buy my books in e-format now, I still like to look.) All the books are mass market, so it’s about half mystery/suspense and half romance. But what struck me as I perused the books is how many of the authors I’m now acquainted with on a somewhat personal level. I know their real names, I know what they look like. So I look at those books with different eyes now. Not better or worse, just different. And, to me, that’s super cool. I suppose it would be like an actress getting to meet and maybe even work with one of her idols.

I have so much respect for my fellow romance authors, and it was such an honor to meet with more than 2,000 of them this past week in Orlando. Now I can’t wait for next year!

Happy Writing/Reading, Everyone!!


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