Montreal or bust!

Well, we dropped the baby off with grandma and grandpa yesterday (I cried like a baby!) and made it to Montreal just in time for the opening night kick-off party for the training my hubby is doing this week.

But today, my body is tingling with the excitement of three full days of pre-mom life. My mood changed for the better as soon as we reached the bridge that would take us across the river to Ile Montreal. Wow. With an almost full moon shining from one direction and the setting sun from the other, it looked like we were on the set of a Baz Luhrmann film. The surreal colors of the vast river with Montreal lit up behind it reminded me of why I love this city so very much. It’s just plain gorgeous.

I’m most excited that our hotel is in Old Montreal. They’ve done an incredible job of preserving this section of town so that you truly feel you’re walking the intricate cobblestone streets of a European city like Paris or London. As you stroll along Rue St. Paul, there are high end restaurants, fantastic art galleries and souvenir shops, scattered among historic museums and cafes. It’s perhaps the most romantic city I’ve ever been to.

But alas, I cannot linger. Breakfast awaits! But I will be back to share more of my experiences over the next few days!



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