What’s in your grocery cart?

I know…it’s kind of a weird topic, but I was inspired during my weekly trip to the grocery store this morning. Why? Well, I’m curious how other people shop. I’m always looking in other people’s carts or at the food on the conveyor belt to see what they’re buying. I like to imagine what they might do with their food choices, and I try to determine what kind of person they are or household they live in. Yes, I’m a voyeur at heart and looking into other people’s grocery carts feels almost like looking into their windows.

But here’s why I’m writing this post. You see, when I shop, I tend to buy foods in terms of meals. Not that I do a lot of cooking, but I’ll always run through my head Okay, pasta, sauce, parmigiana to put on pasta, bread, butter or oil for bread…snacks – apples, grapes, cheddar bunnies, Larabars…bread for sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly to go on bread…

You get the gist, right? So my cart ends up having a wide array of foods, mixed in with cat and baby food and occasional paper products.

But the carts that catch my attention look nothing like my cart. I’m completely fascinated by the people who come in and buy 10 loaves of bread, 6 containers of cranberry juice, and 2 boxes of freeze pops. Do you know the people I’m talking about? I’m sure they have coupons or that these things are on special that week, but um…what do they eat??? Can people really survive on bread and freeze pops alone, because that’s all that’s in their cart! Now, this isn’t always the combo of products, it’s just an example. But make no mistake, I see this all the time. At least two or three times in one trip. And the foods are never things that go together, they are never, ever any kind of produce or food that have any kind of nutritional value, and they are always the only things these people are buying.

If you shop like this, I would love to hear about it! Tell me why and reassure me you have real food at home!

And because I’m nosy, I want to know what the staples of your grocery carts are! 🙂


3 thoughts on “What’s in your grocery cart?

  1. Dorothy says:

    I shop based on what I intend on preparing, what I need and what I want. In other words, I purchase ingredients for dishes, breakfast and lunch food. Then I purchase paper and cleaning items if needed. Lastly I purchase frivilous items such as 2 for 5 bucks hagen daz icecream when I know I don’t need it or shouldn’t even eat it. LOL.

  2. This is kind of funny to me. I make a list based on meals. My hubby adds to the list and he is the one how shops (and mostly cooks). I am spoiled, I openly admit this. But, the shopping and cooking stems from the fact of he always words odd shifts (that could change from week to week). Because Saturday trips to the grocery store were so crazy, he started shopping on a weekeday, whichever happened to be a day off. And, this man goes to three different stories depending on who had the best deals. He also goesoff of my list – way, way, way off my list. So, yes we have real food in the house, but chances are you would be wondering what the heck my hubby planned if you got a good look at his cart. For the days when we don’t plan, or I don’t like what I planned, I will make a trip to the store for just the items I need for that meal. So, if you cook at all, MY cart is self-explanatory – lol.

  3. Okay, I know you posted this two months ago, but I just saw it. LOL.

    I am one of those shoppers. I do a lot of coupon clipping. I watch the sales. When I can combine my coupons with a sale, that is when I buy enough of the item to last me for 3-4 months and stockpile it, because I save a lot of money that way (I spend only about 50-60% less than what I used to spend, in total–on everything from groceries to toilet paper, to shampoo, toothpaste, and over the counter drugs). So when I go into one particular store, I may only be getting two or three items that day, because that is what the deal is. Then I’ll head to another store and buy the five items I need there. And then I’ll go to Walmart to buy all the rest of what I need that week (including the fresh produce, etc.), because they always have the lowest every day prices for items that aren’t on sale elsewhere.

    I’ll stockpile some fresh items when they’re on sale, too, if they are something I can freeze and use later. A lot of fruits and vegetables do well if they’re sliced or chopped and then frozen, to be used later (usually only if I’m going to cook with them, not if I want them fresh and raw). I will buy meats in bulk when the stores put them on sale, and then repackage and freeze at home, myself. I’ll freeze bread if I get a good enough deal on it, and cheese freezes well if it is grated. Did you know you can even freeze milk and save it for later? Just be sure to shake it up once it has thawed, because it tends to separate a bit in the thawing process.

    So you are running across people like me. LOL.

    Yes, this process takes some planning and it takes more work than just going to the store to buy the things you need for that week’s meals. You also need to have the space to store what you’re not using right away. So it isn’t for everyone. But it has worked out really well for me since I started doing it about a year and a half ago.

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