Okay, I admit it…

…I’m a total slacker. Well, maybe not a total slacker. I do have a 1-year-old to look after, but I do hate that my blog has fallen to the wayside. If you remember right, it was my New Year’s resolution to post at least once a week. Clearly, that’s not going too well. What about you? Anybody else fallen off the resolution wagon already?

Oh, but I have been busy, and I’m here to tell you about all the exciting things that are going on…

1) The Wary Widow is on sale at both Amazon in the Kindle format, and Barnes and Noble in the Nook format. I’m working on getting it up in iBook format as well!

2) Christmas Warms the Harts, my short story, is also available on Kindle!

3) More than a Governess is just days away from being available in print, on Kindle and in other ebook formats, so make sure you check back!

4) I’ve made all kinds of updates to my website! Yay! That was a much needed update!

I think that covers it for now. But if you want to read any of my books, just follow the links above!


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