Socialize for Creativity!

You don’t have to tell me twice to go out and socialize. I spend most of my days with a one-year-old, so any opportunity to have fun with grown-ups, I grasp onto. But I just found out from Woman’s Day magazine that it’s good for me!

Apparently, “socializing raises your brain’s level of dopamine – a happiness-triggering chemical that also activates areas of your brain responsible for creative thinking!”

Sometimes we artists and writers tend to hole ourselves away, working, working, working on our projects, but then we wonder why we get writer’s block or can’t seem to create anything new or good. Then we beat ourselves up, get depressed, and fall into a spiral of self-loathing and “I suck” dialog.

Thankfully, the solution is simple. Because those “who regularly spend more time with loved ones are not only more upbeat, they also come up with more creative ideas…than those who spend time alone.”

So if you’re stuck on a chapter, or you’ve just painted something that looks more like it belongs on the refrigerator than an art gallery, grab the phone, call up some friends and plan a lunch date…or after work drinks…or a picnic in the park. And just have some fun 🙂

Happy Friday, everyone!


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