I miss my friends!

I have been working tirelessly for the last four weeks or so to finish The Robber Bride. I didn’t have that far to go to begin with – maybe 15-20,000 words – but finding time with a baby and all the other responsibilities I have as a grown up meant that it took me longer than I wanted to get it done. As a matter of fact, I’ve been a complete bear to live with this last week. That’s how I get when I’m in “the zone” but I don’t have the opportunity to work on the book.

Well, I’m so excited to say that I finally finished the book TODAY! Just a few minutes ago, actually. It feels great! It’s the first big project I’ve finished in almost two years!! (All the other ones are still dangling, waiting for me to get back to them.) And now I’m free to take a short break and then jump onto those other projects.

Except…now I’m kinda sad! I think Victoria and Fin might be my favorite characters ever. I don’t know if others will feel that way – I hope they will – but for me, they were fun to write; they were the type of people I’d want to know in real life. I can’t always say that about my characters. I know I should venture out and mingle with some real-life friends, but I think I need a couple hours to mourn The End. Then I’ll be able to celebrate 🙂

Does this ever happen to you? Are you ever torn between being excited that you got through the first draft and sad that you’re saying goodbye to your characters? (Well, until edits begin, that is ;))


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