Virtual Wetherby Brides!

Thanks to my dear friend, Ava Stone, I’ve just discovered the virtual Regency paper doll, and it’s the greatest thing EVER! I started playing and couldn’t stop until I had created an avatar for each of my heroines. So without further ado, here they are…

Phoebe from A Gentleman Never Tells

Auburn hair, brown eyes, peachy skin…an unassuming English beauty

Becky from More than a Governess

Honey-blonde hair, green eyes (accentuated by her green dress, of course), and a knowing look

Chloe from The Wary Widow

Red, curly hair, brown eyes and hideous mourning clothes

Elizabeth from The Bedeviled Bride

White-blonde hair, pale blue eyes and a firey temper!

Victoria from The Robber Bride

Chestnut hair, pale skin and always a defiant expression

And coming soon…Isabel from the upcoming Christmas anthology, Summons from the Duke

Auburn hair, brown eyes and a twin, she’s like the Regency version of Hermione Granger…in other words, everyone thinks she’s a huge pain in the arse…
including her hero!

One thought on “Virtual Wetherby Brides!

  1. These are fabulous! I want to play. LOL.

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