Everybody loves a SALE!!

This summer, some of my critique partners and I got together and wrote “beach reads”– Stories that actually take place on the beach or in a summery setting of some sort. Two of them are available now for your reading pleasure, and from now until the end of August, they will be on sale for $0.99! Find out more about the stories below…

From Air to Eternity by Lilia Birney

Click here to purchase from Amazon

Katrin O’Connor ekes out a lonely existence in the beachfront village of Beaufort, North Carolina, after her husband’s death in a helicopter crash five years ago. Determined to stay grounded and avoid further heartache, Katrin has stayed out of the dating scene–until Mike Williams breezes into her life during one fateful summer day.

Mike Williams makes a living as a flight instructor, going from military base to military base. But the bachelor life loses its appeal the moment he meets Katrin O’Connor. Determined to win her over despite her aloofness and her fears, Mike finds he may have to choose between two passions–his love for flying and his love for Katrin.

Will Katrin relinquish her fears and fly once more? Will Mike have to give up one passion to satisfy another?

Cruise to Destiny by Jerrica Knight-Catania

Click the picture to purchase from Amazon

Melanie Smith has sacrificed everything in her attempt to make it to Broadway—everything including her love life, or any life at all for that matter. But when her best friends practically kidnap her for a 6-day Bermuda cruise, she’s reminded that there’s more to life than auditions and waiting tables.

Devon Matthews earned his massive fortune at the ripe age of twenty-eight, and after a meaningless playboy existence, he’s desperate for more meaning in his life. He takes a position as a massage therapist on a cruise ship, hoping to enrich his life through work and travel. But it’s the mysterious Melanie that inspires true change in Devon’s heart.

Will it just be another summer fling? Or will Devon and Melanie find their destiny aboard this summer cruise?

Both books are also available at bn.com for Nook: From Air to Eternity or Cruise to Destiny

Happy Summer Reading!

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