Second Epilogues: What the heck are they?

I think it was Julia Quinn who started the trend of the Second Epilogue – or she was at least the first author I paid attention to who did. But people still aren’t sure what the heck they are, so I’m here to tell you…

They’re, well…second epilogues. Ha! (I know…I have a way with words, right?) Okay, so they’re continuations of the story. They feature a time in the characters’ lives maybe several years down the road, so readers can see what they’ve been up to, how many kids they have, are they still happy? (Of course they are! It’s romance!!)

In the case of my first Second Epilogue, we follow Becky and Stephen from More than a Governess as they finally get to take their honeymoon. For those who read the book SPOILER ALERT Becky gets kidnapped on her way to meet Stephen just before they are supposed to leave for Italy on their honeymoon. Well, because of all that drama, and then Becky getting pregnant…and then getting pregnant again…well, it’s several years before the timing is right for them to take off for Italy. And when they do, it’s just in time for Carnevale!

Julia Quinn has of course done 2nd Epilogues for many of her Bridgerton novels, and though she’s not calling them 2nd Epilogues, Lauren Willig has done short stories that continue the stories of some of her Pink Carnation characters.

As publishers ask for more and more “extra content” from their authors, I think 2nd Epilogues will start to pick up steam.

Leave a comment today and get a FREE copy of my first 2nd Epilogue, Carnevale Honeymoon!


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