Me and My Sweet Tooth

My little girl's hand reaching for a cupcake!

Hello, everyone. My name is Jerrica, and I’m a sweetaholic.

Because I’ve had a major sweet tooth lately, I decided I might as well talk about it publicly. I’m one of those people who doesn’t usually have a sweet tooth. As a kid, I wasn’t into sweets much at all. I never ate my birthday cake, and only occasionally indulged in a popsicle (grape, please) or ice cream. However, I go through phases as an adult where it’s all I can think about.

A couple years ago, I became obsessed with watching dessert-related shows on the Food Network. The wedding cake ones were especially detrimental to my diet. Hours of watching people bake and frost cakes will really mess with your head! At the time, we lived in a spot where there weren’t a whole lot of options for desserts, so I’d end up scarfing down Hostess cupcakes just to appease the crazed lady inside my brain!


Fast-forward a couple years and my hubby and I decided to start up the NYCupcakeGuide. It’s a review site and app for the iPhone and Android. Did you pick on on the word “review?” That means we have to taste every single cupcake in the NYC metro area. Just to give you an idea, there are about 50 individual bakeries on the app.

So you’d think that would be enough, right? The fact that I have to taste tons of cupcakes should appease my sweet tooth, right?? Wrong! When we don’t have cupcakes to taste, we mozy on over to local Cupcake Salon and get cupcakes from her (which works out since she’s one of our all-time favorites!)

The perfect fall treat!



Or if it’s not cupcakes, it’s Tasti D’Lite (which is at least low fat!), or chocolate, or the cider donuts at the fresh market that’s here twice a week…or whatever I see that might have some slight bit of sweetness to it.

A couple days ago, I bought a pack of chocolate covered rice cakes from Stew Leonard’s (which I can only get in CT!!!) and I’ve been rationing them all weekend. They will soon be gone, though. *sigh*

Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes!

So, enough about my sweet tooth – tell me about yours! What do you long for? What treat(s) can you not live without?

7 thoughts on “Me and My Sweet Tooth

  1. erin barrett says:

    Pretty sure I bought some very similar chocolate rice cake things @ the JC shoprite earlier this year when I was on WW. What is the brand name of these ones? SR had a little station set up near the front of the store with different flavors. They were good! Take a look.

  2. Um…you need to stop it RIGHT NOW! Are you serious?!?!? That would make my LIFE! These ones are actually made at Stew Leonard’s – I don’t know if they distribute anywhere else, although, they are listed on Amazon and I signed up to get the alert when/if they actually go on sale. I will definitely search SR for them, though! That ROCKS! Thanks for telling me!!

  3. erin barrett says:

    Just looked up the ones I got @ SR, they’re called chocolate deli pops. Here’s a link, they look just like the ones in your pic above:

  4. OMG! Thank you! I’m going tomorrow…even though I went to SR today. LOL!

  5. erin barrett says:

    P.S. That Cinnamon Snail vegan truck I loved is now at the Grove St. farmers market every week, and they have yummy apple cider doughnuts 🙂

  6. You totally just read my mind! I noticed they’ve been there the last couple weeks, but I don’t speak “crunchy” so I was going to ask you what I should get from them! LOL! I love cider donuts (as indicated above.) THANKS!

  7. Erin Barrett says:

    LOL, they’re super nice and always have different types of pastries and doughnuts on display in the front of the truck, but the cider ones are a mainstay. Their sandwiches are killer, but most are pretty spicy so I wouldn’t recommend them for you and E. The French toast is delicious and huge, easily feeds two. Enjoy!

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