Halloween Prep: Dinner

I don’t know if this happened every year, but I feel like my mom always made us a big pot of chili on Halloween. Even if it wasn’t every year, I can’t think of Halloween without thinking of chili. My mom’s chili, of course. It’s meat and bean heavy, and served as the perfect fuel to send us out on a cold, and oftentimes wet, Halloween night.

I have picked up the torch in recent years and started making chili on Halloween myself. Our little girl’s not really into it yet, but Eric and I gladly devour our bowls, and this year will be no exception. So, without further ado, here is the super easy recipe for my mom’s hearty chili…

2 cans dark red kidney beans
1 giant can crushed tomatoes
1 small can tomato paste
1 package ground beef (sub with ground chicken or turkey for lighter fare)
1 McCormick’s chili seasoning packet (I do half mild, half hot)

Fry up meat and seasoning packets in un-greased skillet until brown and crumbly; Add all ingredients to large pot (or crock pot, if you prefer to let it simmer for a couple hours), stir occasionally over medium heat; When it’s hot, it’s ready to eat!

Serve with fixin’s of your choice! (I prefer shredded cheddar cheese and Saltines) And there are other things you can do with this chili! My parents invented the Burrito Dog when I was a kid, which involves warming a flour tortilla, putting a fried hot dog in it smothered with chili and cheese, then wrapping it up for consumption. Heaven!

Do you associate any particular food with Halloween? (And no, candy corn is not a real food!) Share your recipes…if you dare! Mwahahahaha!



One thought on “Halloween Prep: Dinner

  1. Jane Charles says:

    Potatoe soup, Yummmmm. (Warning – there are no measurements because I cook to taste)
    Small onion – diced into small pieces
    Stalk or two of celery – diced into small pieces
    Butter / Margarine
    Potatoes – peeled and cut into small chunks

    Dice onion and celery into small pieces. Sautee in melted butter (margarine) in a cooking pot or saucepan (depending on how much you are going to make) until tender.

    Add potatoes to pot.

    Add water to barely cover potatoes

    Toss in a dash of salt (or two)

    Bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and cook until potatoes are tender.

    Add milk and butter (margarine) until soup reaches the consistency and taste of preference.

    Remove from heat and enjoy.

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