Let’s go to the Movies…

Okay, people! It’s that time again! The holiday season, when all the great movies hit the theaters in a mad dash to be included in the Oscar nominations for the year.

We recently discovered that our almost-two-year-old daughter loves going to the movies, much to our surprise and delight. We took her to see Puss in Boots a couple weeks ago, and she was mesmerized. I thought for sure she’d be scared by how loud it was, or how dark it was, or by the somewhat scary action scenes…but no. She sat happily on my lap for most of the film, giggling and meowing every time a kitty came on screen.

So now we have a list of children’s movies that we all get to go see together. The Muppet Movie will be our Thanksgiving night activity with the whole family, and we’ll have to squeeze Happy Feet 2 in there somewhere, too.


On top of that, we have the adult movie delights. On the top of our list is Breaking Dawn: Part 1, which we have plans to see Friday night!! WOOHOO! And we’re both really excited about New Years Eve…this years Love, Actually…or Valentine’s Day…or He’s Just Not That Into You…ensemble movies have really become a thing in the last few years, haven’t they?

And last, but certainly not least, I am more than excited to welcome Mr. Robert Downey, Jr and his stunning sidekick, Mr. Jude Law, back to the screen for another Sherlock Holmes movie. *drool*

What about you?? Do you have your movie line up ready for the holiday season? What are you most looking forward to on the Silver Screen?

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2 thoughts on “Let’s go to the Movies…

  1. Olivia Kelly says:

    I, too, am super excited to see a new Sherlock Holmes coming soon! I loved the first one, and I hope the second one is just as good. I’m looking forward to Breaking Dawn (of course), and I just saw a preview the other day for The Iron Lady, in which Meryl Streep plays Madge Thatcher. Sign me up! ;D

  2. Cool! I hadn’t heard about The Iron Lady…adding it to the list!

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