Taking a Break…

…because I blog so much! Hah! But really, I thought I would give an explanation as to my absence and my continued absence…it will make me feel better to do so…

But here’s the deal, folks…I’m a writer, and I’m supposed to be writing novels. Unfortunately, I let other things get in the way all the time, or I let them hang over my head, even I’m not doing them (like blogging!)

So I’m letting myself off the hook for a few weeks so I can finish my current project. It’s a story for an anthology called “The Betting Season” that I’m doing with my Regency sisters, Ava Stone, Catherine Gayle and Jane Charles. I have till the end of February to finish, so I’m going into hiding. I promise to blog more regularly when I’m done…maybe…don’t hold your breath.

But do hop over to Lady Scribes (blogspot.ladyscribes.com) for every day posts from my cohorts and occasional posts from moi 🙂

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