Twelve Days of Christmas: Phyllis Campbell

Phyllis Campbell is a multi-published author of romance; from refined bad-boy heroes who makes your heart melt to the feisty heroines who somehow manage to love them regardless of their faults. Here she shares her favorite family tradition…


A new family tradition that we started a few years back was to take our grandkids to see Christmas lights. There is a drive-through park not far from our town that is full of Christmas lights and decorations. In this little Christmas village they have a Santa Claus tent where the kids can sit on Santa’s lap and get a candycane. My grandkids love doing this, and afterwards we’ll come back to my house to have hot chocolate. This has now become my favorite tradition. Is it any wonder since I enjoy spending time with the grandkids.

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Becoming a Lady from Summons from His Grace…

His Grace

Dorothy Paxton is not pleased when a handsome Englishman walks into her inn and announces he’s taking her back to England to reunite with the grandfather who turned his back on her years ago. Her escort, Calvin Seton, bribes her by paying her brother’s doctor’s bills, and soon she’s on the ship sailing for London. Little by little, Calvin’s charm softens her heart. While her lady’s companion teaches her to become a lady, Dorothy is secretly wishing Mr. Seton would do some teaching of his own…in his bedroom. Yet she must control her desires or she’s no better than her mother who succumbed to a nobleman, only to have him leave her. Dorothy will not repeat history. Or will she?

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6 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Christmas: Phyllis Campbell

  1. Olivia Kelly says:

    That sounds like a fun tradition, Phyllis! We went on neighborhood drives a few times when I was young, to see the “crazy” houses, lol! I remember thinking how cool the moving light display with music houses were. Now, as an adult, I would cheerfully murder my neighbor if they attempted to set up something like that, hahaha!

  2. LOL, Olivia! There’s an entire neighborhood a half mile from here called Snug Harbour. It’s INSANE! There’s a line a half mile long in each direction every night to drive through it. I guess it’s a requirement to live in that neighborhood that you have to be part of the drive-thru Christmas extravaganza. LOL! This will give you a feel for it…

  3. Phyllis, thanks for being here today! I loved your story in the anthology, and we’re big fans of driving around to see Christmas lights too 🙂 See above video!! LOL!

  4. Melody May says:

    I love all the anthology stories. So far I have completed book 1 in the anthology now moving on to book 2. We like to drive around the neighborhoods on Christmas Eve to see everyone’s decorations. Depending if we visit family or at home depends on Christmas Eve dinner. If we are home then we have pizza then big Christmas dinner the next day. If we are at the in-laws then we do big Christmas Eve dinner and graze the next day.


  5. Ooh! Hope you enjoy book 2, Melody! And pizza on Christmas Eve sounds so…cozy! Maybe I’ll suggest that for this year, along with a viewing of Arthur Christmas 🙂

  6. Phyllis says:

    As my grandkids get older, I notice we’re finding more and more things to do to start a new tradition. Funny how we didn’t really start any for our own girls while they were growing up. Guess we just get busy…and getting older we slow down. lol

    Thanks everyone! And thanks Jerrica for having me here to talk about traditions!

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