Twelve Days of Christmas: Christi Caldwell

Oh, Christmas Tree

by Christi Caldewll

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a New England Christmas.  Every year since I was a toddler, I’d bundle up (or in those days BE bundled up) and go tromping through the snow, up a mountain to find the perfect tree.

If you’ve ever seen one of those mini-Christmas scene villages that’s what we always thought our Christmas tree expedition would be like.

The reality was always something  different altogether.  Those days my father had to work two jobs to support our family.  The only way we’d be able to get our tree home was not by pulling it by a horse-drawn sleigh — or even in a spacious truck or mini van — but atop the roof of our two door red Ford Escort.  Then there was our family of four; our poor dad was outnumbered 3:1 in the female to male ratio.  So what did this mean for Christmas tree hunting?  It meant that each of us hsd different views on the perfect tree.

I liked them tall and fat.
Then of course my bleeding-heart sister wanted to save every last small, sorry looking tree.
Lastly you have my mom… who, as long as it was loaded with tinsel, any tree would do. That is as long as she could be the one to pick it out.

We always imagined the perfect tree-hunting day but the reality always turned out something more like Chevy Chase’s Christmas vacation.  Family bickering over the perfect tree, my poor dad struggling to load that tree onto our tiny car while the three girls all sat inside, bundled up and warm.

But the laughter we have over those Christmas tree expeditions is so much greater than the perfect miniature Christmas village!

What about you? Are you particular when it comes to your Christmas tree?

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9 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Christmas: Christi Caldwell

  1. Melody May says:

    Christi did y’all ever bring home a squirrel when you guys went on your Christmas tree hunt. We live in Montana and could do a tree hunt, but I don’t see my husband doing that. Maybe one day or probably a fake tree next year.

  2. Christi, that sounds like so much fun! Maybe a lot of frustration at the time, but what great memories you made 🙂

    Thanks so much for being here today!

  3. shelley says:

    Christi ,Can’t wait to read your book.

  4. Louise Morin says:

    Sounds like great holiday season story!

  5. Christi says:

    LOL melody! No squirrels—only spiders and sap! The squirrel is very Chevy Chase Christmas vacation!

  6. Christi Caldwell says:

    Thank you for having me Jerrica! So what’s the tree situation in Florida?!

  7. Christi Caldwell says:

    Thank you Shelley and Louise! I hope you enjoy the book Shelley!

  8. I love your story in the anthology, Christi. I should read it again. After all, it has been a whole year since I’ve read any of the stories. New Christmas tradition? 🙂

  9. Jane Charles says:

    My parents switched to a fake tree when I was in high school (it may have been grade school) and I vowed to always have a real tree in my own home. That worked for a few years. Hubby and I would go pick out the perfect tree, a few times going to a tree farm and even cutting it down. We took our first born and it was wonderful. Fast forward to three years later when I realized my baby had been sick on each Christmas. Turns out she is allergic to the trees. I felt absolutely horrible and we haven’t had a real tree since. I made mention on facebook this year that I was thinking about a real tree since my daughter is now married and won’t be home for Christmas. I came home to find the fake tree up and ready to be decorated in the living room. I guess that was my husband’s thoughts on a real tree this year – lol.

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