Chef Becomes Me…

I just have to toot my own horn for a sec, because I think I’ve made some kind of record…I cooked FOUR dinners at home this week! FOUR! People, this is insanity! I *maybe* cook once a week typically.

And not only that, they were all healthy AND gluten-free. Not dairy-free, though they were low lactose, so there has been zero gastric distress over here!!

I really can’t say what’s gotten into me. My creativity has been sparked, though I can’t say how or where it came from. I just like cooking all of a sudden! I know…crazy!

Anyhoo, I know you’re all desperate to hear what I’ve been cooking up this week, so to the best of my ability I will try to break down my non-recipe recipes…

The first one is easy…I got it from a magazine, so here’s a picture of the recipe…

Macaroni Alfredo with Pumpkin & Kale


Modifications: I used Jovial Gluten-Free Brown Rice fusili, spinach instead of kale, no green onions (Whole Foods didn’t have them that day, but the recipe was delicious anyway!)

Next up…

Skillet Chicken Parmigiana w/ Pan Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes

Par boil potatoes (10-15min)
Cut potatoes into small pieces
Preheat skillet with Pam and/or Olive Oil
Add minced garlic, to taste
Add potatoes
Salt & Pepper, to taste
Toss potatoes until desired brownedness (I like mine a bit crispy!)

Meanwhile, in chicken land…

Tenderize and then rinse chicken breasts (I do one per person)
Heat skillet with Pam and/or Olive Oil
Add minced garlic, to taste
Add a dash of dry white wine
Add breasts
Drink wine while breasts cook
Flip breasts, then flip again until it’s a golden brown on the outside
Dump your favorite red sauce over the breasts
Sprinkle cheese over the top (I like the 4 or 6 cheese Italian blends)
Allow to bubble and melt



Skillet Sesame Chicken w/ Gluten-Free Sesame Noodles

Ugh. I should really write these things down as I make them…I’m having trouble remembering now, but here goes nothing…

Cook Jovial gluten-free brown rice capellini noodles according to package directions
Add several handfuls of baby spinach in the last minute of cooking
Rinse well, and set aside

Rinse/Cut up chicken breasts while your pan heats with Pam and Toasted Sesame Oil
Add minced garlic
Add chicken – cook until nicely browned
Set aside

In the same pan, add more sesame oil, garlic, rice wine vinegar
Once it’s hot, add the noodles and stir around until all noodles are flavorful 🙂

Plate the noodles, top with chicken, garnish with sesame seeds and green onions


And finally…

Jerrica’s Famous Crock Pot Pulled Chicken


This is the easiest meal you’ll ever make!

Spray your crockpot with Pam
Start with boneless, skinless chicken thighs
Rinse with cold water
Toss into crockpot
Coat with a generous amount of BBQ rub  (I use an AMAZING seasoning from Le Fette Sau in Brooklyn — I’ll post the list of ingredients later!)
Plop in a few tablespoons of your favorite BBQ sauce (for moisture)
Allow to cook on high for 3ish hours, or low for 6ish hours — you want to make sure it falls apart easily when you fork it

You can serve with any of your favorite sides, but the two I do are…

Corn on the cob (wrap it in its own husk and microwave — 3 ears = 5 minutes)
Broccoli Slaw (I buy it in the bag and mix with one of the Marie’s coleslaw dressings — the yogurt one is my favorite, though harder to come by)

You can also put the BBQ on a bun (I used to use those whole grain deli rounds before we went gluten-free)


So there you have it, folks. Hell has frozen over, pigs are flying and somewhere, a fat lady is belting out a tune. Hope you find something yummy here to feed you and your family! And I’d love to hear about your own favorite weeknight recipes!


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