The Healthy Writer: Snack Recipes

Okay, they’re not recipes, per se, but I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite lo-cal, REAL FOOD snacks.

Snacks have always been my downfall. It’s easy to unzip my daughter’s backpack when I pick her up from school and shove a handful of cheddar bunnies into my face. They’re organic, so they’re good for me, right?!? Well, they aren’t bad for me — they’re at least made with all natural ingredients that my body recognizes. Unfortunately, they’re not made without calories. And while they may not have a lot of calories, they add up! Oh, and look she didn’t eat the rest of her all natural, organic Animal Crackers. Ooh! Or her organic version of Lucky Charms! Score for my mouth! But not for my waist 😦

MyFitnessPal to the rescue!

Recording every little thing I put in my mouth has made me realize there’s no room in my diet for my daughter’s leftovers (BOO!!!) And yesterday I touched on the fact that some really good-for-you grown-up snacks, like Kind Bars, are filled with more calories than I’d like to eat some afternoons. So I’ve begun the search for high quality, low cal foods that will not only tide me over until my next meal, but that won’t break the proverbial calorie bank.

So what are some of my favorites? Let’s start with my highest calorie snack first…

download-6Greek Yogurt (200 calories)

This snack really packs a punch, so I have this when I know it’s going to be a while before my next meal and I can afford the 200 calories. I start with a 1/2 cup of plain, non-fat Greek yogurt, then I top it with a handful of frozen blueberries, a couple teaspoons of sliced almonds, 1/4 teaspoon sunflower seeds, and finally, a drizzle of local honey.

The good news is, you can tailor Greek yogurt however you want to raise or lower the calorie count. Leave off the almonds, add more fruit, use agave instead of honey. The world is your oyster!

Hummus (130 calories)download-7

I’ve recently discovered the joys of Chia Seeds. If you’re not familiar, these little miracle seeds are an ancient Aztec superfood. They are full of protein AND fiber, so they fill you up and give you tons of energy. Not to mention, they have no taste, so you can add them to just about anything (including Greek yogurt!)

I like to add them to my hummus, so that it packs a little extra punch. So, for a low cal, satisfying and savory snack: 2 tablespoons garlic hummus, 1 teaspoon Chia seeds, 8 brown rice snaps (cheddar flavor) Of course, carrots, celery and cucumber slices are great accompaniments to hummus too!


But sometimes, I don’t have time to throw these elaborate snacks together — I need something on the go — and my new favorite bar (which is also my daughter’s new favorite. Grrr!) is…

download-8Flavor & Fiber Blondie Bars (140 calories)

This one little bar has a whopping 12g of fiber — almost half the recommended daily intake for women — and only 4g of fat. So if you’re on the run and need something to tide you over, grab one of these yummy bars from Gnu Foods.

So there you have it. My three favorite go-to snacks. I’m sure I’ll discover more as I go along — I always do — but for now, these are fitting the bill. What are your favorite lo-cal, REAL FOOD snacks to get you through the morning or afternoon??



2 thoughts on “The Healthy Writer: Snack Recipes

  1. EG says:

    I’ve buckled down recently (like, this week) as well. Here are my go-to snacks:

    Apple & Cheese
    Cocoa Almonds
    Soy Nuts

    I also love the Kind bars but am starting off lower carb than that, so I’ll work those back in later. I wish the Gnu bars weren’t so expensive! We do hummus, too (my 5-year-old loves it) but I have a hard time convincing myself that carrots and celery are inspiring.

    I just checked the Gnu Foods website and they have them at our local health food stores. So I can try them before buying a case from Amazon. Yay!

  2. I’ve been picking the bars up at Marshall’s, of all places. They’re $5.99/box, so roughly 1.20/bar. We were paying $1.79/bar for the Kind Bars (Eric still is, since he doesn’t have weight issues. Bastard.) But we were eating them like candy!! I’m a little more sparing with the bars now that I’m tracking everything.

    Love your snack ideas. I used to eat soy nuts by the gallons! And apple & cheese is a classic. Maybe that’ll be my afternoon snack today 🙂

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