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Timeless Quills: Timeless Collection

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I’m so excited to announce my latest project with the lovely ladies of Timeless Quills!
Presenting 6 full-length novels in one collection for only $0.99!
Her Reluctant Groom by Rose Gordon
To Walk in the Sun by Jane Charles
A Scandalous Pursuit by Ava Stone
More than a Governess by Jerrica Knight-Catania
The Devil’s Daughter by Suzie Grant
The Healing Tree by Amy De Trempe

HER RELUCTANT GROOM ~ Marcus Sinclair, sixteenth Earl of Sinclair, has lived the last thirteen years as a recluse following an accident that left him heavily scarred. Though a recluse, Marcus has still managed to fall in love. The problem? The woman he’s taken with is none other than the sister of the lady he was once betrothed to!


TO WALK IN THE SUN ~ Hiding from a dangerous man, Tess Crawford thought The Wiggons’ School for Elegant Young Ladies would be the perfect place to disappear. Vincent Latimer, Viscount Atwood, is not a vampire and He wishes the book, Wake Not the Dead, had never been written. When a storm thrusts Tess into Vincent’s path and destroys the school, both of their pasts collide.


A SCANDALOUS PURSUIT ~ A very proper English lady has all her plans for the future disrupted when she innocently stumbles headfirst into a compromising situation with a very improper English duke.


MORE THAN A GOVERNESS ~ Becky Thorn has been keeping a secret for more than seven years. A secret that could destroy her. So before she gets too ensconced in London society, she accepts a position as a governess for a reclusive Viscount, far away from the ton.


THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER ~ A bounty hunter facing his past, Gade Ryder returns to Eden, Texas, after twelve years to investigate a gang of rustlers on the family ranch. Had he accepted the job out of misplaced family loyalty or was it the compelling mystery of the devil’s daughter keeping him in the one place he didn’t want to be? Confronted by the memory of his mother’s suicide and the father he blames for her death, Gade finds himself seeking comfort from the one woman he couldn’t trust.


THE HEALING TREE – Lady Lilian Bliant is determined to thwart her manipulative father’s plan to shackle her to a weak-willed man of the ton. Lord Maxwell Warrick is anything but weak-willed, yet Lily wreaks havoc on his heart. Will their differences be put aside and will Lily one day accept his faith as her own and Max as her husband.

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RWA Nationals: Wednesday

As I sit here and write this blog, it is 7:11am on Thursday morning, and I am beat! And honestly, yesterday wasn’t that big of a day for me!

I moseyed into the city around 10am and spent the morning catching up with my critique partners (read: laughing like hyenas). Then it was off to the Keynote Luncheon, where Madeline Hunter spoke brilliantly on the current market.

Of course, the highlight of her speech (for me) was when she brought up that controversial term: self-publishing. She talked about when she first joined RWA and she was on the PAN loop, there was a great deal of fear. Fear about the rules. Am I following them properly? Do I have to take this bit out or change this part because it’s not in compliance with one of the many, oftentimes made-up rules that have been set forth? She’s noticed that the fear has diminished almost completely with the dawn of self-publishing. And my favorite line: I don’t think there’s an author in this room who isn’t happy to have the option of self-publishing in their back pocket. Amen, sister!

I know you’re all wondering how the food was, and I personally think it was leaps and bounds better than last year’s. That weird bone-in chicken they served last year was inedible. This year, we had a lovely chicken breast on a bed of polenta with a side of spinach.


The biggest downside this year is, of course, the lack of dessert. Argh! Ah well…that’s all we get at the awards ceremony Friday night, so I’ll just make up for it then.




After lunch, I took Amy de Trempe to find a charger for her phone at one of the electronics stores on 8th Avenue, where I was, for the second time in 24 hours, told that I look exactly like Molly Ringwold. Story of my life.

Back at the hotel it was time for Keeping it Real: Regency Research Georgette Heyer Could Believe In. This was a great workshop put on by Jennifer Kloester, author of Georgette Heyer’s Regency World (which is a fabulous reference book for us Regency authors!), and the incomparable Sabrina Jefferies (who later spent a lot of time with my daughter and even put one of her bracelets on her wrist. It was a moment for me.) They both talked a lot about research and the current Regency market, and that dreaded word came up again: self-publishing. How funny that a year ago, that word didn’t really even exist at a conference like RWA! Now it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongues!

After that it was mingle time for me with my critique partners. We held court in the bar, where we could talk about our days while pointing out the authors, agents and editors we knew – it’s a fun game!

Eric brought the baby in, which was a good time, too. She flirted with friends and strangers alike, and was just her usual cute self 🙂 But by 6pm, I was wiped out, so our little family hopped back on the train and came home for a quiet evening and early bedtime.

And now, it’s time to hit the ground running again! I better pack some Emergen-Cs in my bag today! I’m definitely going to need them!

RWA Nationals: Tuesday Night

Admittedly, I didn’t do any truly conference-related activities yesterday. Eric and I headed into the city around 6 and met my critique partners in the bar at the hotel. We gabbed until it was time to board one of the glass elevators to take us to the Goddess Blog party.

Let me tell you, I’m so glad I’m not in the hotel. I think my commute from Jersey City takes less time. They have the elevators on some kind of odd system. You can’t press a button once you’re inside. You have to “call” for the elevator by indicating on a giant keypad which floor you’re going to. It tells you which elevator to take, and that elevator is programmed to take you to your floor…and to also drop off/pick up about 30 other people that are crammed into that elevator with you. I don’t mind the heights so much, but I do mind the heat and crowding. I was sweating like a whore in church!

The Goddess Blog party was fun. They handed out tiaras, and there was a great spread of fruit and sandwiches. I got to meet Julia London, and Suzanne Enoch was running around welcoming everyone. I briefly got to say hi to Sabrina Jefferies, too. But we had to duck out after our brief appearance because this was our big Critique Group Dinner night.

(First, a couple party pictures…)

Amy de Trempe and me 🙂







Heather Boyd, Samantha Grace and Jodie Pearson








Eric and I led our group of 14 several blocks down to Dallas BBQ. This place is huge and cheap. They had no problem seating all 14 of us immediately. And when I say immediately, I mean, we never really even stopped walking. This place is a well-oiled machine. The guy at the entrance gets your headcount and sends your party up the escalator, where another guy is waiting for you. That guy sends you to the girl on the other side of the restaurant and she leads you to your table that has been expertly set up in the 30 seconds it’s taken your party to get up the escalator.

Our fabulous waiter, George, was so sweet and super patient. The only real snafu came when they tried to put 4 racks of ribs (with fries) in front of Eric.

George: Didn’t you order 4 racks?
Eric: Ah, no, man. Just the one.
George: Oh, man. I could have sworn you said 4 racks.
Eric: (realization dawns) Oh, no! I said full rack. Not four.

Lol. Hopefully some of the incredibly hard-working staff got to enjoy the other 3 racks of ribs.

Everyone really seemed to love the food, which was a big relief. It’s no easy task planning a dinner for 14 people. But I was hopeful that the Texas-sized margaritas would make up for any food-related drawbacks 🙂

But alas, all good things must come to an end, and Eric and I were on a time crunch to get the nanny home by a fairly decent hour. Unfortunately, we didn’t leave quite enough time to make our train, despite the fact we were in a full sprint (with me in brand new sandals) for about 5 blocks. Thank god for our 5K training last fall or I never would have made it. But even at that, we missed our train. We stared longingly and out of breath as we watched it pull out of the station, while we were still on the other side of the turnstiles.

Ah, well…we caught the next one and sent nanny home in a cab. We’ll know to leave an extra 30 seconds next time.

Lydia Dare talks about Self Publishing!

Lydia Dare is talking about self-publishing at Lady Scribes today…come see what self-published authors have to say about this brave new world!

A Brave New World

Meet Amy De Trempe and win a free book!

Today, I’d like to welcome my good friend, and Inspirational Regency author, Amy De Trempe!

Jerrica: Hi Amy! Thanks so much for joining me today. I’m excited to talk to you about your books because I think you have quite a unique blend of Regency historical and Inspirational to your stories. I haven’t read a ton of Inspirationals, but what I appreciate is that the “faith” aspect is there, but not shoved down the reader’s throat. Did you plan your books this way? Is this the trend in the genre? Or do you see it as an extension of your own life, in a way? The kind of “lead by example” thing?

Amy: I am happy to be here, Jerrica. Thanks for having me.  I didn’t necessarily plan how my books would turn out. I knew I wanted them to be Inspirational because faith is very important to me. And I wanted to write a historical that I would want to read. By the way, I’ve been reading secular regencys and other historicals for more years than I will admit.  So, I decided to write the regency I always wanted to write and and made at least one of my characters a strong Christian so I could write the type of inspirational I’ve been looking for but have found few of.  Are my Christian charactes perfect? Far from it.

I do think there is a trend of Christian romances being less preachy and more edgy. In fact, there is a group who write what they call Edgy Christian Fiction.  I haven’t read any of their books yet, but from what I understand, they break the rules and so do I.  I am not sure what all of the rules are anymore, but when I began writing my inspirational the Christian character could not drink, dance, be in the bedroom with the hero/heroine, and a few others I can’t think of right now. I broke all of those listed.  My story called for it.  So, is it a true Inspirational? I don’t know.  Is it a Regency or a Georgian Romance? Yep.

Jerrica: Well, I personally love a rule-breaker, so maybe that’s why I liked your books so much. What’s a rule your hero or heroine broke that might be controversial in the industry, and what would the book be like without it?

Amy: Well, Loving Lydia opens with the hero, Lord Alexander Wake, in the middle of a physical fight with a few gentlemen because he is trying to take a scantily clad woman from a brothel. This isn’t the last time you will find Lord Alex in a brothel. He vists them a few more times, even after he is married.  But, don’t be too quick to judge him ;).  As for Lady Lydia, she decides to kiss a number of gentlemen in society, though none of them are Lord Alex. I did touch on one taboo subject, but it happens at the end of the book so I can’t give that away.

In The Healing Tree, my heroine, Lady Lilain Bliant, knows nothing about God, faith or the Bible, so she was able to get away with a number of things early on, including the threat of castration, and more than one lie.  My hero, Lord Maxwell Warrick has always been very clear and strong in his faith.  But, that doesn’t keep him from getting drunk one night, and like a number of people, regretting it in the morning.

And in my novel, soon to be released, Pure is the Heart, my heroine, Elise LeNoir, has intentionally sinned and fears this will keep her from God, but I can’t let you know what that is either without giving the book away. As for our hero, also strong in faith, he is betrothed to one woman and in love with another.  He does everything in his power to break the engagement, and some of his attempts are not so Christian-like.  He also visits our heroine in her bedchamber and kisses her, while still engaged to the other woman.

These are just a few examples but to tell you more would be to give away the stories.
Jerrica: You’ve really done a great job of making your characters sound human. Nobody’s perfect and to portray them as such just wouldn’t be realistic. So, brava! 🙂

Okay, now, a la James Lipton of Inside the Actor’s studio, I will have you answer the famous 10 Questions that he makes all his guests answer…

1. What is your favorite word? Scrumptious
2. What is your least favorite word? Disappointed
3. What turns you on? Thoughtfulness
4. What turns you off?  dirty odors
5. What sound do you love? A baby’s laugh
6. What sound do you hate? Dentist drill
7. What is your favorite curse word? Bullocks (I tend to get stuck in the Regency and Georgian Period at times)
8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? History Teacher
9. What profession would you not like to do? Coronor
10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?  Welcome home. 

Thanks for joining me today, Amy! And best of luck with your fabulous novels!


Amy is giving away digital copies of The Healing Tree to 3 lucky commenters today. [They will be in Kindle format, but Kindle is available free for almost everything: iPhone/Touch, iPad, PC, Mac, Android or Blackberry.] Just leave a comment and you’ll be entered in the drawing!