Wetherby Brides Sale!

The sale ends TOMORROW! Nov. 8! So if you want to purchase the Wetherby Brides series, NOW is the time to do it!


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The Wary Widow is still FREE at iBooks, too!

Virtual Wetherby Brides!

Thanks to my dear friend, Ava Stone, I’ve just discovered the virtual Regency paper doll, and it’s the greatest thing EVER! I started playing and couldn’t stop until I had created an avatar for each of my heroines. So without further ado, here they are…

Phoebe from A Gentleman Never Tells

Auburn hair, brown eyes, peachy skin…an unassuming English beauty

Becky from More than a Governess

Honey-blonde hair, green eyes (accentuated by her green dress, of course), and a knowing look

Chloe from The Wary Widow

Red, curly hair, brown eyes and hideous mourning clothes

Elizabeth from The Bedeviled Bride

White-blonde hair, pale blue eyes and a firey temper!

Victoria from The Robber Bride

Chestnut hair, pale skin and always a defiant expression

And coming soon…Isabel from the upcoming Christmas anthology, Summons from the Duke

Auburn hair, brown eyes and a twin, she’s like the Regency version of Hermione Granger…in other words, everyone thinks she’s a huge pain in the arse…
including her hero!