Twelve Days of Christmas: Catherine Gayle

Drive By Lights!
by Catherine Gayle

Ever since I was a very little girl, on Christmas Eve night my mother would load us all up into the car.  As we lived in Texas, some years it would be very cold and we’d all have to bundle up in coats and scarves, and it was quite the ordeal.  Other years, we would be running the air conditioner in the car.

Whether it was hot or cold didn’t matter.  We were off to look at all the holiday lights people used to decorate their houses.

She would drive us slowly up and down the streets, pointing at particularly interesting designs while we all oohed and ahhed. In our town, there was one particular street where each house told the story of one of the 12 Days of Christmas.  This was a favorite street for us to visit each year.  Other neighborhoods might not have been quite as coordinated in their décor, but were no less extravagant.

When I was in high school, one of the houses in town started being lit up to the point that it was nearly blinding, and the lights were set to music.   As much fun as it was to stop by there on Christmas Eve, I was glad we didn’t live on that street.   It had to be really annoying.

No matter how old I got, though, that was a tradition my mother always held to.   She was still driving us around to look at the lights when I was home from college.

When I grew up and moved away, I found that Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas if I didn’t do the same.   I lived in Juneau, Alaska one year, and I worked part-time at the movie theater.   On Christmas Eve, after we closed the movie theater down, I loaded some of the teenagers I worked with into my car and drove them through Juneau, looking at the Christmas lights.   I’m sure that I’ll do something similar now that I live in North Carolina, too.

Do you decorate the outside of your house for Christmas?   Have you ever driven slowly through the decorated neighborhoods to take it all in?

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