Movie Review: Friends With Benefits

I don’t typically do a lot of reviewing on my blog, and actually, I’m a pretty horrible reviewer, but when I see a movie I love, I have to let everyone know.

Hubby and I skipped Friends With Benefits at the movie theater because we didn’t have terribly high hopes for it. We love Justin Timberlake and we love Mila Kunis, but we had our doubts about the two of them being able to carry a whole movie on their own.

Boy, were we surprised…in the most pleasant way possible!

Mila plays a head hunter who’s been pursuing JT for many months and finally gets him to fly out to NY from LA to interview for a big time job at GQ. He gets the job, moves to NY and he and Mila become good friends. They hang out together, and there are no boundaries…they’re friends, after all.

But one night, they decide it might be a good idea to “do the deed.” Neither of them has been in a relationship for a while and they’re both a little needy, to put it lightly.

I’ll stop there in terms of summary…I don’t want to spoil anything and I’m worried I’ve already said too much!

But there were so many things to love about this movie. It’s quirky and modern, but the “true love” aspect is prevelant, and JT and Mila have amazing on-screen chemistry. They make you believe in their Happy Ever After. We laughed all the way through the movie and even got a little teary at the end. It’s the perfect movie to watch snuggled up with your significant other.

**Please be aware that this movie is R rated for language and subject matter. Definitely not something you want to watch with your teenage daughter!**

I couldn’t help but think as I was watching it that it would have made a great romance novel. And, as usual, I was kicking myself for not coming up with it first. lol.

Did you see Friends With Benefits? What did you think? Do you have a movie you thought you would hate and ended up loving? Leave a comment and be entered into the Christmas Summons Prize Extravaganza!