Contest Winner!

Sorry for the delay in choosing the winner for the Regency Quiz Contest, but after a random drawing from my husband’s baseball cap, the winner is…

Tiffany Trumm Jorgenson

Tiffany has won a Keep Calm and Marry a Wetherby tote bag, as well as a signed copy of The Robber Bride 🙂

Stay tuned! More contests and giveaways coming soon!

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Regency Quiz and Giveaway!

ImageOkay, everybody! It’s quiz time again! Test your  knowledge of Regency propriety with this awesome quiz my superstar assistant came up with. Answer all the questions — right or wrong — and you’ll be entered to win one of my amazing Wetherby Brides Tote Bags PLUS a signed copy of The Robber Bride!



Please be sure to leave your email address in case you win!


All the questions below have to do with propriety during the Regency era. Why? Because my most recent heroines in the Daring Debutantes series are anything BUT proper. They go against everything they’ve been taught in order to seek out a better life for themselves and for others….

1)     During the Regency Era, what was the most important thing in determining a lady’s social status?
a)     Her family’s background/worth
b)     What part of town she was from
c)     Her reputation
d)     Her education history

2)     What was the proper way believed for women to sit or stand during the Regency Era?
a)     Leaning
b)     Slouching
c)     Straight; Upright with Poise and Dignity
d)     With your skirt or pants showing your bloomers

3)     In what conditions could a young, unwed lady walk alone?
a)     In a dark garden during a ball
b)     In the early morning for a walk in the park
c)     Walk to church
d)     Both B & C
e)     None of the Above

4)     What were acceptable dining manners at the dinner table during the Regency Era?
a)    Reaching across the table for dishes out of reach
b)    Allow a manservant to fetch a dish
c)    Eating very quickly
d)    Asking a neighbor to pass a dish

5)     During the Regency Era, what was considered to be proper conversation topics?
a)  Town Gossip
b)  Complimenting of one’s attire
c)  Bodily Function or Sexual related subjects
d)  The weather or new hairstyles

6)     As we know, all touching between members of the opposite sex were to be kept to a minimum EXCEPT when a woman:
a)     Was at formal event
b)     Shook the hand of the gentleman she desired
c)     Was with her Father
d)     None of these

7)      At a public ball, who was the one who introduced the gentlemen and ladies?
a)     Master of Ceremonies
b)     Leader of Courts
c)     Jester of Ceremonial Duty
d)     King of Courtship

8)     How many dances was a lady allowed to dance uninterrupted with one man without any speculation of improper conduct?
a)     As many as she wanted
b)     Whatever her parents thought was best
c)     No more than 2 pairs of dances
d)     4 dances

Remember: Leave your answers in the comments along with your email address! Thanks for playing!


Regency Quiz & Contest!

It’s quiz time! I dug this up this morning and decided to run a contest here on my blog. Do your best to answer the questions and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a free copy of my latest release, The Robber Bride.

Make sure to write out your answers and please leave an email address where I can contact you if you win!


1. What would you do with Ratafia?

  1. Tie it around a present
  2. Drink it
  3. Sew it on to your clothes

2. The Prince Regent, aka Prinny, would eventually become

  1. George III
  2. George IV
  3. William II

3. Marshalsea was

  1. A port for ships to dock
  2. A jewelry store
  3. A prison

4. Brooke’s, White’s and Boodle’s are examples of

  1. Restaurants
  2. Gentleman’s Clubs
  3. Hat stores

5. The architect responsible for much of the layout of Regency London was

  1. John Nash
  2. Samuel Ware
  3. James Pennethorne

6. At Almack’s you would

  1. Be fitted for a gown
  2. Dance
  3. Practice fencing

7. Sweetmeat refers to

  1. Cake
  2. Candy
  3. Both

8. If you wanted to purchase a horse in the Regency, you would go to

  1. Newmarket
  2. Doncaster
  3. Tattersalls

9. If you were reading about Miss Taylor’s marriage to Mister Weston, you would be reading this Jane Austen novel

  1. Pride & Prejudice
  2. Emma
  3. Mansfield Park

10. The Prince Regent lived at

  1. Carlton House
  2. Apsley House
  3. Clarence House
Good luck, everyone!!!