Turkey Day Approacheth

So, normally I’d already be talking Christmas over here, but, well, I live in Florida now, and the season changes are less obvious. Usually, with the first hint of winter, I drag out all the winter clothes, crank up the Johnny Mathis Christmas album and start shopping online for Christmas presents. But since the weather is only slightly chilly, with plenty of warm beach days interspersed, I’m taking things slower this year. I’m savoring each holiday as it comes, and loving every minute!

I’m always very mindful of gratitude in my life. Five years ago, I discovered just how important it was to find gratitude in every situation, no matter how trying or difficult. Gratitude is the only thing that will get rid of fear, anxiety, guilt…all those negative emotions that especially tend to build up around the holiday season.

With Thanksgiving approaching, I’m being even more mindful. Or at least more outward about my daily gratitude. A lot of people are, actually. Check out Facebook, and you’ll see a good many posts titled “Daily Gratitude” with the date next to it. I decided to join the fray and start posting mine too. It’s a great way for me to remember to give thanks, and I think it’s a nice reminder for those who read it to also give thanks in their own lives.

I think the biggest thing I’m grateful for this November is the safety of all our friends in the Northeast corridor who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. There was lots of flooding, loss of things that held precious memories and inconveniences from loss of power, heat and hot water. But everyone was safe, and one of my best friends even gave birth to a precious baby boy this last Sunday night. Yet another reason to be grateful!

What about you? Are you taking the time to give thanks this season for all the wonderful things in your life? Is there something you’re especially grateful for this year? Share with me and keep the gratitude flowing! 🙂

A Week of Thanksgiving…

Yesterday morning, I woke up and jumped onto Facebook, only to realize that this was the week of Thanksgiving. That’s right. I totally thought we had another week, so I was feeling completely blind sided. How could it have snuck up on me like this? Looking back, there were signs…lots of friends talking about how their in-laws were already in town for the holiday, or other friends who had already taken off for vacation. I just kept thinking, “Wow. Lucky ducks that they can take so much time away from home and work to celebrate the holiday.”

Anyhoo, now that I know what week it is, I’ve decided to get my Gratitude Girdle on! That’s right. There are Thinking Caps, Fancy Pants and now…Gratitude Girdles. But instead of stuffing rolls of fat into this girdle, I’m going to stuff all the things I’m grateful for into it. So, here are my Top 10 Reasons to be Grateful this year…

1. My husband. He is, to put it plainly, the kind of man every woman dreams about. He’s handsome, romantic, smart, hilarious…and really good in the sack.

2. My daughter. When she’s not driving me to the brink of insanity, she’s pretty darned amazing. Funny and adorable, she’s everything I dreamed my little girl would be.

3. My cat. Dr. Snuggle has provided more than 12 years of loyal service warming my feet at night and discoloring my carpet with his vomit.

4. My critique partners. I don’t know what I would do without them. I can tell them things that I can’t tell the rest of the world, and they understand and support me no matter what. Oh, and they’re really good at critiquing my manuscripts.

5. Pasta. For being so easy to make and for delivering Parmesan cheese to my mouth.

6. Cindy Loo. She’s the best puppet in the world, and she makes my day a little brighter when I stick my hand up her hoo-ha.

7. My nanny. She does all the stuff I don’t like to do, like dishes and laundry and cleaning poop out of the crib, in addition to providing the most amazing care for our little princess.

8. My local mommy friends. I would probably think I was crazy if it weren’t for my mom friends telling me I’m not.

9. The rest of my family. Eric and I may have slightly dysfunctional families, but we know it could be so much worse. And when compared with other people’s families, we don’t seem that dysfunctional at all. Actually, we’re all functioning quite well together these days, and that’s certainly something to be grateful for.

10. Vampire Diaries and Christmas Music. These two things make me extremely happy right now, so I’m grouping them together in my “things that make me happy” category.

If you leave a comment with the things you’re most grateful for this year, I’ll enter you into the Regency Christmas Summons Prize Extravaganza!