Heat Ratings: Wetherby Brides vs. Daring Debutantes

In light of a recent unfavorable review, I’m adding Heat Ratings to my book descriptions, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. These ratings will be based on All About Romance‘s scale from Kisses to Burning. I’m also putting a number in there to give a little more preciseness, as my Wetherby Brides tend to fall somewhere between Warm and Hot, and my Daring Debutantes between Kisses and Subtle.

Needless to say, if you pick up a Wetherby Bride, you’re getting romantic love-making. If you pick up a Daring Debutante, you won’t get much more than kissing and maybe a glimpse of decolletage.

In that vein, while the Wetherby Brides novels are firmly planted in the adult category, the Daring Debutantes is a great series for younger readers! Low sensuality ratings paired with gutsy heroines will make a clean but enticing read for high schoolers, especially if you want to spark their interest in history while cultivating a love for reading.

I hope this new knowledge will help my fans/future fans navigate my novels a little easier 🙂

As always, Happy Reading!

Lydia Dare talks about Self Publishing!

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