New Release: Love Everlasting

My fabulous colleagues and I put together a sweet, romantic collection of short stories — perfect for quick bedtime reads or for an afternoon at the beach 🙂


Some Like it Hot…
A young woman heads to the middle of nowhere in the dead of summer
to perform in a summer stock show. She’s not interested in a “showmance”, but she can’t help but fall under the spell of her leading man. Will an unscrupulous chorus member ruin her chances at a lasting relationship?

Spring Cleaning…
Boredom sends a young New Yorker out into stormy weather to get her daily caffeine fix, but little does she know she’s about to find something better to perk her interest and brighten up the dark skies.


Content to spend all of her waking hours in the library, Catherine Barker doesn’t spend much time thinking about the world outside until Joseph Andrews appears in the English history section late one evening.

A CPA’s Secret…
Historicals are Erica Roberts’ escape, and the only romance in her empty life…until she meets Colin Parker.  Could he be the one to make her 19th Century fantasies come true?

End to a Tradition…
Cattie has been dumped more times than she can count, and almost always on a holiday.  With Valentine’s Day looming, and her boyfriend, Joe, spending more and more time with a female coworker, she fears history may repeat itself.


A Grand Beginning…
A piano brings together two people with a common interest in old tunes.
Widowed Mary Margaret is content on her own until she begins singing
along with new neighbor Ed. Is it ever too late to start something new?

Passings in the Night…
A random meeting with a secret childhood crush brings startling
revelations and the possibility of a new romance. Chrissy never expected
her hard-earned self esteem to be challenged by still-hunky Jake, who
asks her out.

Available now for Kindle and other e-readers at Smashwords!

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