Romance Abounds in Montreal

Montreal is truly one of the most romantic cities I’ve ever had the opportunity to visit. I can’t wait to show you the pictures, but until I’m back home, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

Old Montreal’s rich history dates all the way back to 1605, though it’s unclear to me how much of what is here is original architecture. When you walk the streets, you feel as if you’re perhaps in Westminster. It truly feels ancient. However, my research indicates that because of wooden constructions, this area saw great destruction over and over as the homes, churches and other important buildings burned to the ground.

Either way, this area reeks of romance. You can’t resist the urge to grab your partner’s hand and swing them toward you for an impromptu kiss in the middle of the sidewalk. You simply must gaze through all the windows into the dimly lit restaurants serving expensive French food to couples who gaze deeply into one another’s eyes. You’re drawn in by the suave Frenchman who uses his powers of enchantment to lure you into Le Piano Rouge for a drink and smooth jazz. And if you close your eyes and listen to the clip-clop of horses’ hooves on the cobblestone, you truly feel transported to another time and place.

I’m so inspired by the city that I’m actually thinking of working on my historical fiction again! Unfortunately, there are other things I have to work on first, so I’ll just have to hold these memories in my mind and heart for when I’m finally able to get back to those stories.

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