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TEMPTATION OF THE DUKE hit virtual shelves yesterday! Yay! Here’s the jacket blurb and links! And if you’re not caught up on the whole family saga, check out my printable reading list :)


TTOTD_1600x2400Sensuality: Warm (7)

Grace Clarke is no longer willing to accept the position of “poor relations.” Her sister has married well and taken her under her wing, so with her new connections, it ought to be a breeze to find a wealthy, titled gentleman to help elevate her station in life. Of course, she never expects for him to find her. Especially not in such a compromising position. But once she gets over her humiliation, she discovers that the duke next door is far more than just a duke. He’s a man that sets her heart–and other parts of her–aflame. 

Evan Gilford, Duke of Somerset, has spent the last fifteen years trying to avoid his destiny: marriage. But he can’t ignore his duty anymore, not with his guilty conscience nagging at him all the bloody time and a betrothed waiting to become his duchess. So he returns to London, only to discover that he has a new and rather enchanting neighbor who soon makes him question where his loyalties lie: with his family or his heart. 



Prepping for the BIG DAY!


Can I get a Hip, Hip, Hooray!?!?!? TEMPTATION OF THE DUKE is mere hours from its release! I’m very excited about this book, and I hope you are too! It’s the 5th book in a series I never planned to write another book for. But here it comes, all written and shiny and ready to meet the world. I know we’re not supposed to think of our books as our “babies” but I can’t help it. I still get attached.

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Happy Monday!!


Ms. Franklin sang about it. We all want it. But not all of us are willing to give it.

When I was about 10-years-old, my family moved into a new apartment in the suburbs of Atlanta, and our neighbor across the hall was an outspoken New Yorker named Claudia. She had a special needs son, who, among other things, had no short term memory. And she had two dogs — keeshonds, one of which was named Murphy (I’ve completely forgotten the other dog’s name!)

We spent a lot of time at Claudia’s house, my mom and I. We would go over to watch TV and sip tea and play with the dogs. I assume we went so often because it was so hard for Claudia to get out of the house with her son.

So, one afternoon, as we sat at Claudia’s, I remember making a bold statement about something I didn’t like. Something that Claudia had already said she enjoyed very much. I have no idea what it was. Probably some type of food, or maybe music, but that’s irrelevant. What she said to me in that moment, though, was a life lesson I would carry with me to this very day, 25 years later.

“Don’t ever insult someone else’s taste.”

Now, I’m sure my mom and dad had said this to me before — maybe even in those exact words — but it wasn’t until someone else said it to me that it really made an impact. It was in that moment that I realized I had hurt someone’s feelings and had the power to make them feel small and less-than simply by voicing my opinion. I, personally, hated that feeling.

I know a lot of people in this Social Media age might say, “Screw you! I’m entitled to my opinion!” And that’s true. But do you really want to be that person that belittles people just because they have different tastes than you? Has it become cool to make people feel badly because they like something you don’t?

Now, I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m sure I’ve done my share of “OMG! That was the WORST!!!” in the company of people who might have thought it was THE BEST! We’re all human, and we all slip up occasionally. But I would challenge my friends, family and readers, to not be that person who feels the need to make other people feel like crap in the face of your differences. 

Not to say that you shouldn’t ever voice your opinion, but there’s a right and wrong way to do it. My rules:

1) Try to avoid strong words like “hate”. Saying, “I’m not the biggest fan — I prefer…” gets your point across just as well without offending, and moves you in a direction that maybe you can both agree on. 

2) Know your audience. If you know someone absolutely LOVES something that you think is lame, don’t rain on their parade. Just smile and accept them for the freak you think they are. Otherwise, you’re just being rude. 

3) Keep trying. My husband LOVES anything that tastes like a creamsicle. You know, that orangey-vanilla flavor? To me, it tastes like the Children’s Tylenol tabs I had to take when I was a kid, thereby dragging me back to unpleasant times every time I taste it. But because my hubby loves it SO MUCH, I always take a little taste, just to see if anything has changed. It hasn’t. But at least I’m willing to try, right? 

So next time you’re tempted to voice your strong opinions in the face of someone who has different tastes from you, try to hear my old friend Claudia in your head telling you, “Don’t insult other people’s taste.” 

Advice to my 20-Year-Old Self

I just read an article yesterday about what people over 40 would say to their 30-year-old selves if they had the chance. The advice ranges from “save your money” to “take care of your health” to “be kind to yourself.” All great advice, though I feel rather lucky to have had a pretty awesome 5 years since I turned 30. It was seriously as if I woke up one morning and all the crap that had plagued me in my 20s just…went away. Like it drifted off into the ether to find another 20-something to torture. 

So, I’m going to do my own Top 5, but this is going to be to my 20-year-old self, because that’s the broad who needed the most help…

1) NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. That means the good and the bad. In my 20s, everything felt so permanent. If I was feeling badly, I worried I would feel badly for the rest of my life. I drank too much, I went on antidepressants, I floundered in the sea of uncertainty, not realizing that if I just waited out the storm, things would get better. Instead, I tried to swim against the current, torturing myself with feelings of doubt and sadness. “This too shall pass” should have been my mantra. Because it all eventually did. Nothing is permanent. Life is ever-flowing, ever-changing, for better or for worse. Just wait it out and see what the Universe has in store for you next. 

2) GRATITUDE IS EVERYTHING. I’ll never forget the feelings of inadequacy that I felt in my 20s, most notably in my career. Sure, I knew I was talented, and oftentimes, I felt pretty entitled…but one thing I failed to feel was a deep sense of gratitude. Not that I didn’t say “Thank you” when it was appropriate, but there’s a big difference, in my book, between being “thankful” and having “gratitude.” Thankfulness is when you acknowledge that someone has done something nice for you — that’s when you say, “THANKS SO MUCH!” But gratitude — living in what I call an attitude of gratitude – comes from a much deeper, more profound place. It’s the place of being so overwhelmed by the life you’ve been given — the acknowledgement that it is such a privilege to be alive, to be in this skin, to be able to see and hear and touch and just live. I know for certain that if I had trained myself to do this earlier on, my 20s might not have felt so tumultuous.

3) IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL. Everything felt very significant in my 20s. Any bodily twinge sent me careening into a cesspool of anxiety and depression because I was sure I had cancer…or a heart problem…or a tumor, etc…. Every time my bank account got dangerously low, I would panic and most of the time called my dad crying that I couldn’t pay whatever $30 bill I had. Thankfully, my dad is a chill guy with a great perspective on money. He’d always say, “Jerrica, it’s no big deal. I’ll wire the money tomorrow.” Now, I have no idea what financial state my dad is in at any given time, but I do know that if his kids are in need, he helps them out. “It’s just money,” he’s known for saying, and I love that saying. Because somehow, things always work out in the end. And what I thought was a heart problem usually turned out to be indigestion. What I thought was a tumor was…well, nothing. Turned out to be psychosomatic. No joke. Just chill out. That’s what I would have said to my 20-something self. 

4) KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. I spent a lot of my 20s being angry about the opposing political party, and I shared that with anybody and everybody. That was before the days of Facebook, too, so we’re talking face-to-face confrontation here. Of course, when I did join Facebook, I used it as a political platform for a while, until I realized…I’M AN IDIOT! No one’s going to change their mind because of me! They have their own experiences that have shaped their beliefs, just like I have mine. They certainly aren’t going to say a magic word or phrase that’s going to make me eschew my life-long beliefs, so why would I think I’d have that effect on them? I would have enjoyed much lower blood pressure through my 20s had I just kept my mouth shut and walked away when politics entered the discussion. 

5) DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. My parents? No, you. My boss? No, you. My brother, sister, pastor, cousin, friend…? NO!! YOU!! Do what makes you happy. Wait? Shouldn’t I do what’s expected of me, based on my college degree? OMG! NO!! DO. WHAT. MAKES. YOU. HAPPY. PERIOD. Here’s the thing…from the age of about 3, I knew I wanted to be on Broadway. I would do anything to be on the stage. I wanted to sing, act, dance…and I would stop at nothing to achieve that. I spent my high school years eschewing my school work so I could perform professionally and took all kinds of lessons after school and on weekends to improve my craft. I studied Vocal Performance in college at a hefty price. And after that, I spent 10 years trying to get hired on The Great White Way. And then I got a national tour…with my husband…traveling all over the country…doing what I loved to do…and I was miserable. And when I got back to New York, with my shiny new Equity card, ready to take Broadway by storm, I was even more miserable. But I had come all this way! People were watching me, waiting for me to become the next Bernadette Peters or Kristin Chenoweth. And I was miserable. So, I took a break. And I got happy. I took a longer break. And I got happier. And then I announced to the world that I was leaving the theater to become a writer. A what???? It was out of left field, even for me. But it made me happy. And it still does. And guess what else…singing makes me happy too. I just couldn’t enjoy it because I was in my freakin’ 20s!!! 

So, there you have it. My advice to my 20-year-old self. Looking back, I realize just how tumultuous my 20s were. But truly, turning 30 flipped a switch, and everything I worried about in the previous decade was of no consequence anymore. Not that I didn’t have some amazing times in my 20s — I fell in love and got married to my Prince Charming, after all — but now I know an unbridled joy, zest for life and a deep-seeded gratitude that makes my life feel magical. All hail the 30s!! 

Tell me…what would you tell your 20-something self if you had the chance?…assuming you’re out of your 20s, of course :) 

Black Friday SALE!!


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What’s new??

It seems like I wait impatiently the whole year for this season to arrive and when it does I am never prepared! Life has a way of sneaking up on us like that, doesn’t it? Well, in all the commotion that this time of year brings, I feel I’ve neglected to bring you all my exciting news! So, here we go…

1. The Robber Bride is now an audiobook! And I can’t tell you how much I LOVE my narrator! She really embodied the spirit and intrigue of this story and of Victoria. As many of you may know, Victoria is my most favoritest (yes, I know it’s not a word!) character that I’ve ever written, so it was really, really important to me that the narrator capture everything I love about her and about this book. The lovely Stevie Zimmerman did not disappoint!

Robber Bride Audio








Get it at Amazon, Audible or iTunes

2. My Wetherby Brides short stories got a makeover! I am absolutely IN LOVE with this cover…I think it represents the stories inside to a tee. What do you think? Plus, the stunning Sherril Turner is hard at work bringing these stories to life in audiobook! Look for it by Christmas :)

Wetherby Brides Shorts








3. Speaking of makeovers…The Matchbaker got a makeover too! Have you seen it? Thank you to my dear friend and cover designer, Lily Smith of Covers by Lily! And BONUS…the audiobook should be out just in time for Christmas!! And it features one of my oldest and dearest friends, Bianca Bryan, as the narrator. She’s a phenomenal actress and voiceover artist, and I’m so, so lucky to have her reading this book for me. Just WAIT till you hear it! :)

TM New Cover









4. I still have some Wetherby Brides totes to give away! Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll automatically be entered to win one! Just visit my website – the sign-up form is right there on the first page :)

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5. I know I’ve talked about it before, but it bears repeating…The Gentlemen’s Pact anthologies are on sale NOW, and they are a big hit! They’ve hit the Regency Top 100 chart at Amazon and they haven’t even been out two whole weeks yet! And the 4/5-star reviews are rolling in. Don’t miss out on this lovely collection of sweet Regency Christmas novellas!

A Pact Between Gentlemen
A Gentlemen’s Pact









Also available at iTunes & Barnes&Noble

6. And last, but certainly not least…I have finally created a printable book list! All of my books are listed here, along with their series names, and what formats you can find all of them in! Printable Book List

Well, I think that about covers it for now! I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season, gearing up for a Turkey Day filled with love and lots of good food! I’ll be back next week to share my must-haves for Thanksgiving dinner! :)